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  1. Wishing well to the business and personally to Mr.Karasev

  2. Joyce C. Erickson

    I have been a SCENAR practitioner for 9 yrs. Yes, SCENAR is truly MAGNIFICENT. What I have witnessed through the years, I can only call, “slow miracles”. It is my understanding that Dr Alexander Karasev was part of the team under the direction of Dr. Alexander Revenko along with Y. Gorfinkel, M.D. & Y. Ginsberg, PhD. At some point there was a split. Dr. Revenko & ORB RITM produced the SCENAR 97.4 equipment. While Dr. Karasev & LET Medical produced the 500 & 600 SCENAR series. i work with ORB RITM & have GREAT success!!!

  3. Hi
    We really applaud DR.Karesev for his inventions and is similar to Tesla whose invention is hijack by the greedy rich.
    Keep up with your ideals.

    Also we are interested in your product.With thanks
    Derek Koh

  4. Kathy

    I have actually had this device used on me. My arm was Paralysed due to an accident involving a comealong. The other arm was also badly damaged. It took a year of weekly sessions with Dr. Gunter from Russia, but I now have full use of both my arms. She was in a medical office in Texas City and resided in Houston at the time. I highly recommend this form of treatment. I should know, I am typing this message with both arms fully healed. Something I never thought I would be able to do.

  5. I was just looking for this information for some time. After six hours of continuous Googleing, finally I got it in your site. I wonder what’s the Google’s problem that does not rank this kind of informative web sites closer to the top. Usually the top sites are full of garbage.

  6. Philip Ray-Jones

    I only found out about SCENAR a few days ago. I have never used it. But as with most intelligent people it takes away the power from the arrogant, greedy people. Like drug companies, who make their money out of stupid people, who don’t use the brains and common sense they were given from birth. Drug companies are the driving force behind the NHS, which is iniquitous. I wish Karasev well. He is a true human being.

    • Michael Nicholson

      I agree with what you say and the NHS by the way – the acronym for the National Health Service, is a lie; it can never be a success because, in my opinion, its basis of imputation is incorrect – it should more accurately be named NSS, or National Sickness Service. As a Scenar Cosmodic practitioner of many years, I also wish Dr Karasev well and offer my thanks and deep gratitude.

      • Michael Nicholson

        With regard to my above reply, I note that the acronym NSS is already in use for the National Secularists Society. However the point that I was trying to make is that the National Health Service has very little to do with health, rather it treats sickness as a modus operandi – this is just my opinion.

  7. August Rainn

    Whatever we can do to support this unique man against these appropriators, let us do.

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