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  1. Can you introduce me to skilled Scenar, Cosmodic and ENS technicians in the US that can help with kidney issue?

  2. Colin

    Just wondering if you have read Dr batmanghelidj’s many crys for water. Great book and I have watched many interviews with him. From what I can tell you two are are performing the same action on the body to perform the healing process, the only difference is that I can see is all he uses is water. Do you feel that your product works better, or about equal? Thanks

    • Dear Colin,

      I would not compare the two. They have completely different mechanisms of action, which, however, still results in healing. The commonality is INFORMATION: water is an information carrier, and so is SCENAR, but in a different way. Water is a structural body component; SCENAR is an artificial intelligence. It is incorrect to compare them, and it is highly advisable to use both for speedy healing.

  3. Dr. Irene,

    I have a question:

    Is there such a device that is called the, “EX735Ag without “Sliders”??????? Does anyone sell these type of devices??? Is it capable of using added accessories???


    • Not any more, Dennis. The EX735Ag and the EX735Ag Modific were the EX735Ag models “before the Slider”. They are out of production now and you can only buy them second-hand. These are still very good machines, with the same electrodes as the Slider, and can take remote attachments. The upgrade was in the software only.

  4. angie

    Just wanted to say I have always admired you and am so happy that you are making a change in this world we need people like u. Thanks again am very happy for u

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