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  1. Maria Alcantara

    Dear Irina

    I read your article with interest.

    I first came across the Scenar through reading Dr Tennant articles and book- which I found helpful.

    I was very curious and somewhat scared by his view of root canals. He assumes that it is impossible to eradicate the original infection or balance our bodies energies ( I presume even with the Scenar) if you have had root canal done! For most of us that have had this procedure the challenge is daunting.

    what are your views on that? Are you in agreement? I’d grateful for your insights

    Thank you for all the information you make available

    • Dear Maria,

      My view on the root canals is somewhat different. Yes, it is almost impossible to remove all of the original infection during the procedure (unless it is done in stages), but I also believe that the body is strong and wise enough to develop a strong immune response to block the remaining infection or eradicate it completely. Of course, if the immune system is weak that may not happen – and then we have a problem.

      The alternative to the root canal surgery is a tooth extraction – and I believe it may be even more damaging to the body in the long run. There may be no infection, but the absence of a tooth may trigger the DDS (Dental Distress Syndrome), and I am not sure which is the lesser of two evils.

      There are no studies to support one or another point of view, so at this point there are only opinions 🙂


    I am wondering if Dr. Tennant’s biomodulator is a device that can be used in place of the Dove or Cosmodic? I have the Dove and use …intrigued and mystified. In other words is the biomodulator as good for healing a person as the Dove?

    • Dear Linda,

      Just like the DOVE scenar (or any other SCENAR device, for that matter), the Tennant Biomodulator is an adaptive electrical stimulator that uses biofeedback to communicate with the body. From that point of view, these devices serve the same purpose of increasing the body’s awareness and helping it heal itself.

      We, however, cannot provide you with a direct comparison of their efficiency in achieving this purpose since we have very limited experience of working with Biomodulator.

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