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  1. Mia Ash

    Hi Dr Lathrop
    Kindly advise whether SCENAR Therapy is applicable to varicose / spider veins.
    Following my second pregnancy, I am highly conscious of the appearance of varicose veins on my legs.
    I thank you and look forward to hearing from you.
    Mia Ash

  2. HELLO
    I had worked the last 10 years with the Hulda Clark Zappers, and the Dr. Rite theraphys. I have an equipment made in SOUTH Korea with 550 diferrent theraphies. and with this equipment we had cured many people.
    We live in México city, and we will love go, to found you to try to receive the best explanation about the Scenars.
    I think it is like the cars, every year you want the better model of the Trade, I saw that the new SCENAR IS LIKE THE mercedes cars.
    Please be in touch with me.
    Send by mail all the info you can, in the way I can do it better. Ans understand much better.
    warmest regards.

    • Dear Genaro,

      Thank you for your interest in SCENAR – one of our favourite healing technologies. We took a liberty of sending your contact information to Marcela Torres Diez, a very knowledgable SCENAR and COSMODIC practitioner and our associate in Mexico City. She will contact you shortly, and hopefully you will be able to see our wonderful machines in action soon 🙂

  3. Susan Snowdne

    I tried to post a comment about the possibility of an “upgrade” for those of us who already purchased the 715. Why was the post deleted and not posted?

  4. Susan

    For those of us that already own the 715 is there a way to have the chip/computer brain of the device upgraded? I thought that was one of the features of all the device…thay they could be “upgraded” as improvemets were made?

    Most kindly,

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