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  1. Herkó Tamás

    Dear Support !

    We bought a ex 735ag cosmodic and we have the following problem: the battery discharged during use, and after that we changed the battery to a new one, but the equipment is not switching on. Is there any sollution to make it inoperable again? Is there any way to reset the device program ?

    Thanks for advance

    • Dear Herko,

      It is very difficult to say without seeing the unit. There can be several problems leading to the same “symptom”. It would be the best for you to contact the distributor you bought your device from. Your distributor will be able to consult LET Medical on your behalf and determine whether or not your device can be repaired through the code exchange or it needs to be sent out to Russia for repairs.

  2. Karolyn Garstin

    What is the cost of. The scenar and what is delivery time ? This is for private use.

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