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  1. sarah earnshaw

    Thank You Dr Irina, great article and its not even raining in Istanbul…. I have to tell you I adore the way you say ‘Inter Cellular Potential’ I could listen to you all day… I just want to say to anyone reading this that with a Cosmodic in your pocket… ( and a few cheap RITM Scenars to flog in your bag) you will never be short of a place to sleep and food to eat anywhere on Planet Earth, if your here ‘On Mission’ its a great way to self sustain and spread the light and healing as you go… Thank you Dr Irina most of what I have learned I have learned from you, I would like to learn more in person… I was wondering how many people and how much it would cost per head for you to come and teach a course in a Ayurvedic Centre in Ibiza…. funny story, I once had a conversation with a guy called Alan Watts, he told me once upon a time himself, Gene Roddenbury and a woman called Phyllis Schlemmer rented a beach house for a month, anyway long story short Phyllis channeled The Galactic Federation and Gene created Star Trek based on what she channeled… I have had the story confirmed by a close friend of Phyllis Schlemmer that I met in the Sinai Desert once… as you do 🙂 I love it that now my funny story involves being able to pull the Star Trek Device out of my pocket and perform a few cosmic miracles at the end… it really is the funkiest device on the Planet.

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