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  1. Dear Sirs,
    my name is Juan Manuel Garcia Molla and I am naturapata , I have a therapeutic center in Alicante, Spain.
    I recently discovered the Scenar device cosmodic and I am very interested in it.
    I see that you have no distribution in Spain.
    My interest is not only in using it, it’s also focused on the possibility to distribute these devices.
    I do not speak English very well but my nurse does.
    Tell me if you are also interested to have a distributer.
    Thank you for your answer since now.
    Yours faithfully.

  2. Sandra Seiler

    Hi Dr Irina,
    Will these workshops be recorded for those who are unable to attend? Thanks, Sandy

    • Dr. Irina

      I actually do not know. It is up to Tomatex (the organizers). I suggest, you call them and ask directly. It would be a real shame if they do not film this unique workshop…

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