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  1. Madri

    How would the EX735Ag Slider compare to the ENART? I’ve just watched a video ‘Scenar Cosmodic vs ENART’ in which a Russian therapist explains the difference between the two. Of course, he isn’t comparing the EX735Ag Slider with the ENART, but he sure is happy about all the specifications of the ENART, including the fact that the ENART gives sound signals, so you can use it for example on your own back or in other places where you can’t see the device.

    BTW, I was deeply impressed by the video “Dr. Irina Kossovskaia Son’s Healing Miracle with SCENAR”, and how her son healed from Tourette’s syndrome with Scenar-treatments. I hope her wish that scenars get to be known throughout the world, comes true.

    • Madri, ENART is a good copycat of the RITMSCENAR (the first generation device). Yes, the first generation SCENARs definitely have their benefits in the hands of a skilled practitioner. They are not as automated as COSMODIC devices or SCENAR-COSMODIC Hybrids (such as the EX735Ag Slider) and give a practitioner more control over the treatment process. I would say, you have more INTERACTION with a client yourself (as a more coherent living system), while with COSMODIC and Hybrids almost everything is up to the device. Besides, their immediate pain relief effect can be more intense than with COMSODIC.

      Ideally, you would have both the first and the second generation SCENARs to work with. However, if to acquire the first generation device, it is better to go for a real thing than a copycat. OKB RITM has just released their new professional device SCENAR Super Pro, and it is a great machine that even has presets for automation of therapy for certain common conditions.

      I believe, there is a SCENAR device for everyone; the one that fits the ecology of a person’s life. You just have to go with “what feels right” to YOU.


    I might get some treatments of this….Dr. Miyashiro suggested this.
    there’s a doc in oahu that does this “Malcolm Ing”. They use to treat i
    guess the neuralgia that comes with shingles, injuries, and all sorts of stuff.
    Maybe Dave can use it too. See you later.

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