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  1. Can any of your devices heal or reverse Type 2 diabetes. I’ve not seen any testimonials of anyone using SCENAR for this disease. If there are such testimonials could you point me to them. Thanks.

  2. Farhang

    I have tinnitus and I have heard many positive feedback regarding Scenar and the ability to cure this problem.
    This is my last hope really to get rid of this buzzing noise in my ear.
    I hope I find information that helps me.

    • Dear Farhang,

      Yes, the SCENAR technology (and its second generation, COSMODIC, in particular) has helped many tunnitus sufferers improve or even completely eliminate the symptoms of this dreadful condition.

      Any model of a SCENAR devices can be helpful, but we get better results with COSMODIC devices (the second generation SCENARs), even the simplest ones, such as the C-DOVE. They are especially effective if combined with the small shungite remote electrodes that you can insert inside the ear canals.

      For better and faster effect, we combine SCENAR/COSMODIC with the QLaser – the latter supplies the body with coherent energy much needed for accelerated healing, especially when the acoustic nerve is concerned.

      The success is not 100% guaranteed, of course; there are no guarantees in healing. We, however, see many more successes than failures.

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