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  1. Irina: As I have known you personally for about 12 years and as a fellow scientist also with real, valid and impressive credentials, I can say honestly, that you are the real deal and much more. Your degrees (MD, eye surgeon) and the rest are real and your knowledge of our field of Electro-medicine is unmatched. After the publication of my textbooks last year, ( Modern Electro-medicine and the textbook The Science of SCENAR, I too, got 1 derogatory comment from some jerk in the Scenar Facebook group
    But, you know What? My books are on Amazon and in every bookstore in America, London, Germany and France. You and I have thriving businesses, we love our work and we are both famous. And what are these other hatefull jerks doing? So when and where can we do lunch again? Kay and I are still married and still live in San Diego. XX00 Peter Lathrop

    • Dear Peter,

      Thank you for the supporting comment. Knowing you for so many years, I have the greatest respect for the wealth of knowledge and experience that you are bringing into your practice and into the lives of your clients. I wish you and Kay health and prosperity for years to come.

      As to the derogatory comments that we get from time to time, well… There will always be differences in opinions amongst human beings, and some choose to express them being “bullies”, so to speak. In my observation, people get aggressive trying to cover their weaknesses, in most cases. Strength is calm and respectful to others. (You know, large dogs seldom bark while the small ones are usually extremely vocal :-)) And I will leave it at that.

      I hope our paths will cross again in the near future.

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