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  1. I bought my Dove Scenar and received it on February 22 2014 and have loved it for my back injury. I was also using it on my friends, family, and co-workers, but just a week ago I accidentally washed it through my washer and dryer. When I called the number on the book it comes with i talked to a wonderful lady in Canada. She said that the one year warranty does not cover water damage, and could not accept it for them to see if it is something they can fix. She did re-assure me that if I buy another one of the $1950 Dove Scenar’s that they could give me a 10% discount. It has devastated Me and the many people that have come to love using my little Dove Scenar. It is still broken and I can only save a little out of each pay check to get another one. according to the manual, I have about 3 months until the accelerated healing wears out. God I hope I can beat the clock. Thank you for such a wonderful product, and It is just a matter of time before I can buy another. thank you.

  2. lou

    Can you tell me how this machine is affective in doing radiofrequency ablation of lateral branches…[when sacroilliac steroid injections are not effective,,,

    thank you……

  3. Maria C. Naulty

    I am very grateful with the SCENAR, I broke my toe in my home two years ago and it was very traumatic that almost I can’t walk. With the SCENAR the swollen came down in two days and the black and blue almost disapear in one day. I treat my neighbor that he injured the knee in surfing and he was amazing with the results that the next day he was available to surfing again. I am very happy with my SCENAR and I carry with me every day and help me to treat other problems in different people.
    Thank you Dr. Irina.
    Maria C. Naulty

  4. Dr. Don Snow

    I have many stories and experiences with SCENAR. First, I use 2 705 models and the AG 735 Modific. I must also tell you that I ALWAYS combine SCENAR with acupuncture and get stellar results with 90%+ of my patients.

    My first story concerns neuropathies and neuralgias. I have treated over 300 cases and have a 90+% permanent success rate with neuropathies. The following are the types of neuropathies that I see the most and the effects of treatment on that type of neuropathy:

    1. Diabetic Neuropathy: 98% permanent success rate after 9 to 15 treatments starting with 2 to 3 treatments per week and weaning the patient of treatments. All patients required to come every four months for tune-up after correction reached.

    2. Neuropathy from Chemotherapy: This is the most resistant to treatment and only 50% respond at all; and of these none have gotten 100% relief/or feeling back. However, IF they respond you can expect 80 to 90% permanent relief.

    3. Neuropathy from Heavy Metal Exposure: About the same as Chemotherapy.

    4. Neuropathy from Agent Orange Exposure: 95% plus permanent success.

    It must also be noted that I have never gotten these kinds of results with acupuncture alone, nor with SCENAR alone. I apply acupuncture using a Pachi-pachi e’stim device first, and then apply SCENAR. I have found that pachi-pachi acts as a VERY strong SCENAR frequency and causes the body to respond, then SCENAR/Cosmodic can then find asymatries to treat. So SCENAR is the finishing tool.

    On my next visit I will discuss SCENAR and arthritis. I have about an 80%+ success rate with this.

    I am sincerely,

    Dr. Don

    • Hello Dr. Snow,

      I am an Auricular Medicine Practitioner and also use a Diadens PCM Pro “scenar”. Unfortunately with this model I have little instruction on how to use specifically for neuropathy. I have been told to use 200hz for sharp pain, 77,10 for dull pain, or 3.9 when a low frequency is needed. I could also put in MED mode and it will automatically adjust for what is needed but has to be used in a stable position for each location and can be time consuming. It is not clear to me whether I should use upward strokes or downward. Can you give me some specifics on your technique? Thanks.


    yes thats a great idea, will look forward to viewing and participating, Felicity

  6. Thank you! It”s a good idea. Most of my clients who experience the healing process of Scenar, they want to know more about it. FREE Book is an excellent idea. I can give a free book for my client so I dont have to explain to them how, when, what is SCENAR, Dr Irina Do It now!

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