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  1. Alida Parada

    Hi Dr. Irina
    I leave in México. I don’t know how to use the ENS therapy and how it works. Can I have sone information please ? I woul like to see you some day.

  2. Dr. Irina,

    Thank you for posting this informative article. As a practitioner who uses the Ex735AG, I greatly appreciate these insights.

  3. blake

    Do you know if scenar and cosmodic is different than the American version, Avazzia Life. I was told its the American Version of the Russian Scenar. Is that true? If not how are they different? Does the scenar have quantum energy or just frequncies? How is it different from a Rife machine?


    • It is our understanding that Avazzia produces several versions of the Tennant Biomodulator, which is to some extent indeed an American version of the first generation Russian SCENAR (or has been inspired by it). On the other hand, COSMODIC devices are unique to LET Medical Research Laboratory in Russia and no other manufacturer produces similar devices.

      We are not sure what you mean with “quantum energy”, but all SCENAR-type devices work with ever-changing electrical impulses, similar to the human nervous system.

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