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  1. Andrew Macfarlane

    Hey Folks,
    I’m looking to purchase the 50 x 100 ml shungite plate attachments which are no longer in production. Anyone have a used set that they are willing to part with?

    Andrew Macfarlane

  2. Rosa cervantes

    Hello I live en san antonio tx and very interested in purchasing a device for personal use I was diagnose with Fibromialgia 15 years ago and hope I can use treatment for pain please advise which is best for me.thank you.

    • Dear Rosa,

      We would be happy to suggest a suitable devices for you. We tried to contact you via the email you provided. However, our email didn’t go through with a message “this email address does not exist”. Please contact us directly at [email protected] or by phone +1-855-468-0033 or +1-905-468-0033.

      Looking forward to connect.

  3. Ady

    Hi,how much costs the shipping to Europe,exactly to Austria?I wanna buy the ritmscanner with 2400 Euro. Regards Adrian.

    • Hi, Adrian,

      Our Marketplace is just a board for the ads that people submit to us. We cannot speak on behalf of the sellers. Please contact them directly – the contact information is posted with every single ad. Thank you.

  4. Linda Carrington

    Interested in second hand Cosmodic Slider. Live in U.S.

  5. jure

    i am selling new pain neurostimulation proffesional kit device with all certificates for the effective treatment of pain and injury

    for more info

    you can contact me for all information and details

    email: [email protected]

    PRICE : 2500 usd

    thank you

  6. GeorgeAnn Hughes

    I am interested in purchasing a EX735Ag Modific
    Please tell me the cost of this item.

    Thank you

    GeorgeAnn Hughes

    • William R Frye

      I just placed my unit for sale on Marketplace for 5000.00 firm. It is like new and has been used very little. My phone is 253 853 5383. If interested please contact. You won’t be disappointed. William R. Frye

      • Irsa

        Hi, do you still have your divice?
        Does it have any attachments?
        I would appreciate the information.
        Thank you.

  7. devdas ranchod

    I would like to sell the dove to my patients, im a chiropractor in portugal with 38 yrs experience graduated in los angeles please give me the price you coated 900 dollars,
    Dr dev Ranchod


      i would like to know whether you still have your DOVE.. and if you are still interested in selling it. I live in Australia. how much ?? what is with the package.??

      my email address [email protected]

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