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  1. Dr. Andrew Jordan

    I have a Q1000ng. How can I assess if the lights are in sinc ? I have had it for about 3 years.

    • Dear Dr. Andrew,

      There is a simple “paper” test that you can go placing a sheet of white paper on top of your Q1000NG when it’s on. The light will create a very distinct “cross” pattern resembling a bit a human figure 🙂 If you see that – everything is alright and all diodes are working fine. If not – some lights are out of sync or missing.

      We will email you a picture of how it should look like.

  2. Taufiq Binjemain

    HI Irina

    How would you use an EX735Ag slider2 on a recent vitreous detachment / floaters?

    Thank you!

  3. Jan

    Hi, the PS705 is a Scenar or a Cosmodic? Or both? How should I use to to do the above mentioned work?

  4. David

    What can be done for epiretinal membrane?

    • Unfortunately, in most cases epiretinal membranes require microsurgery. It is one of those rare situations that the body is not making efforts to reverse – hence, the Healing FUSION devices cannot do much.

      I wish I could give you a more encouraging answer, but at this point, regretfully, I can’t.

  5. Edward Toplak

    Wow we have moved light years since 2000!

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