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  1. Ursula

    I bought my Dove a few years ago and its been worth every penny. When I got second-degree burns with a fist sized blister on both legs I used it around the burns the two hours before ER treatment and walked out of the hospital with no pain. It healed quickly and nicely too, no pain. That is unheard of with burns. I used it for carpal tunnel, took that away. It works best with muscle problems, also seems to urge body movements that end up cracking a joint – when my finger was jammed, it urged me to reflex bend it, and it was back aligned.

    Most recently, I am using it after venus ablation- – treatment for varicose veins in which a probe is inserted up the vein and a radio-frequency heats and closes off the vein. i had discomfort and some swelling but using the Dove around the area brought the inflammation down and took away the discomfort. I think the best thing it does is reduce inflammation, thereby freeing up blockages and encouraging healing.

  2. I remain interested in your products, in particular the smaller and more portable device, at least, for now. I do have a private practice treating individuals with pain, PTSD, brain disorders and injuries, auto-inflammatory and auto-immune disorders, among others. Still, I am a single head of household.

    Could someone please contact me about possible payment arrangements or the possibility of a loaner for my office if I put out your brochures, etc.? I wrote some time ago. Dr. Helen Budzynski referred me a while back. The initial expense is what has delayed my considerations.

    I hope we might arrange a time to talk. I am in Maryland and, currently, on daylight time. For your Canadian office, I am in the same time zone as Montreal.


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