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  1. Dana

    I didn’t read your whole article, just the accessible version. But is it possible the Scenar, especially the newer models sense a frequency? This is how they identify problem areas? Where is there a low frequency? If the frequency is not within a certain range, this helps identify the length of treatment.

    I have been using the Scenar Cosmodic EX735 AG for over a year. I know more about it then my chiropractor, yet I know I am just scratching the surface. But after using other devices like frequency generators and other biofeedback technology, it is all based on Frequency. In one of Dr. Irina’s videos on the difference of the Soft laser vs Scenar, she mentions the soft laser can emit a frequency. Well, what if the Scenar is sensing by frequency? Just a thought I had while thinking over the same question. I also do muscle testing and very intuitive about energy changes, and what needs to be done to correct an issue. I do not have a Soft Laser yet, but would love to get one some day. So far I am working with using essential oils and gemstones to help produce the energy the body needs to heal. I use these in conjunction with the Scenar.

  2. Thank you for the article on how the Scenar listens and the secret of the dose. I definitely enjoy a better understanding of what it’s doing. The part about GMO particles blocking receptors was of particular interest to me.

    About a month ago I was being kept awake by a stomach ache, I happened to have the Scenar at home with me, so I muscle tested to see what was optimal treatment. Muscle testing is something I learned when I took my Health Kinesiology course, and it allows me to “ask” the body what it needs for treatment. This is a very effective skill when combined with Scenar treatment, as I can go directly to the treatment or protocol the body wants. I started with a double (* and @) dose on the Stomach 16 meridian point on the left breast, followed by double dosing from the Central Vessel 17 (near the bottom of the sternum) all the way down to Central Vessel 4 (between naval and pubic bone). I am delighted to report that the pain was completely gone by the time I was done! Now I understand why it happened, I had eaten some GMO oatmeal before bed, it was causing me the pain, the Scenar was able to expel the particles that were suffocating my cells, and believe me, the waste and oatmeal was expelled most effectively by morning.

    I hope sharing my story is beneficial to someone, I know that the article was most beneficial to me. Thank you.


    Alma Sawatsky
    Scenar Therapist at East House Natural Health
    612 – 15th Street NW, Calgary, AB

  3. Howard

    Very good article

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