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  1. Lisa

    I am confused. You said this about SCENAR “…..the fact that it adapts to the human body, instead of making the body adapt to the device (which is the case with TENS), makes it very different”. Then in the next paragraph you said “…..which continues until the body completely adapts to the SCENAR.” Are you saying the SCENAR adapts to the body and via the feedback loop the body eventually adapts to the SCENAR? Does the body adapt to SCENAR or SCENAR adapt to the body or are both those things occurring? Thank you.

    • Hi, Lisa,

      Thank you for bringing to my attention the important thing that, apparently, needs some clarification. I obviously wasn’t clear in my description – or it is my “Russian English” that’s at fault here 🙂

      The body always adapts – to the changes in the environment, to the direct influences, to TENS, to SCENAR… to everything. It never stops. It is the very essence of our life and the key to our survival. However, it is only SCENAR that can adapt to the body; no other electrostem device has that ability. So in the body-SCENAR interaction both “parties” adapt to each other. It is a dialogue, while with any other electrical stimulator only the body is adapting, and there is no dialogue.

      The body’s adaptation to SCENAR manifests in changes of the electrical resistance of the skin (impedance). At some point the body exhausts its adaptive capability “here and now”, the impedance won’t be changing anymore, and SCENAR signals will become monotonous. That’s the end of a dialogue, and the device will let you know when it happens. The dialogue can start all over again with the next SCENAR application though, after the body gets some rest and processes the received information.

      So yes, the body eventually adapts to the SCENAR too, as it adapts to everything else. The speed of adaptive reaction at that point will reach “0”. The difference is that it will happen much later than with other electrostimulators (since the SCENAR tends to “run away” from the body’a attempts to adapt to it) – and in the process of that adaptation profound healing happens.

      I hope these explanations make sense.

      All the very best.

  2. Hello …
    I have a query if possible. I have an EX735Ag. I have a spinal cord injury that caused me to bruise. What is the best treatment program? Thank you so much

    • Dear Khalid,

      Since everyone responds differently to injuries, especially as serious as yours, it is impossible to recommend a treatment protocol not knowing your particular situation in detail. We would highly recommend finding an experienced practitioner who can supervise your treatment and follow his/her recommendations. If you let us know where you live, we may be able to suggest a practitioner closest to you.

      Kind regards,

  3. Thank you for that information. I have been using the scenar and cosmodiic fr years and find them amazing. People just get better. Regards

  4. What frequency can I use for tinnitus

  5. Elvie Hume

    Thank you for sharing this new information,it will help me more to understand my home device .since I own my scenar I use it anytime when I need it I’d been free from pain thank you again…more power to you .

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