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  1. Ann Quiroga

    Please send me the Scenar Fair.

  2. Finbarr O'Brien

    Dear Irina.
    Thank you for your most excellent work in the Scenar field. I am a 7 year practitioner and like you have achieved a remarkable success rate of 90%…have treated thousands of people mostly for free. I am interested in obtaining a modern Cosmodic device….a slightly used version like myself…lol.
    I love your passion and appreciate any advice or help.
    Please send me Scenar fair also.
    Best Regards

  3. Uma

    Thank you for your expert notes/protocols, this is big service to mankind

  4. Iz

    I own a SCENAR and would like to read THE SCENAR FAIR. Thanks.

  5. Ingunn Reynisdóttir

    Very interrested to learn more about scenar therapy

  6. Ingunn Reynisdóttir

    Very interrested to learn more about scenar therapy

  7. Joerg Hausmann

    Please forward a copy of “The SCENAR Fair” 2nd edition

    Thank You,


  8. Dennis

    Please forward a copy of “The SCENAR Fair”

    Thank You,


  9. Because I have used my three devices successfully for over ten years I have come to a time in my life that I can read all the materials that Dr. Iriina has put together. I use many modalities but the dove is helping tremendously with my client’s chronic pain.

    I would love to receive “The SCENAR Fair: Second Edition”

    With Thanks


  10. Patrick Rust

    Please could you send me a copy of The Scenar Fair?

    Thank you

  11. Kim Laviolette

    Dear Dr. Kossovskaia,

    I’ve enjoyed hearing and learning about scenar devises from your very informative web pages. As I am interested in purchasing a unit for my family, I would like learn all I can before making a selection. I look forward to receiving a copy the Scenar Fair.

    Thank you for all you have done for the health and happiness of others.

    Kind Regards,

    Kim Laviolette

    • Dear Kim,

      I apologize for the late reply – I was out of the country for a while and didn’t have a chance to monitor the website Comments.

      Thank you for your interest in SCENAR technology – a very fascinating and effective one indeed. We will be happy to send you “The SCENAR Fair”, just monitor your Inbox for the next couple days (and check the Junk mail, just in case).

      Our best wishes to you.

  12. Please could you send me a copy of The Scenar Fair?


  13. Rosemary Colwell

    Please send me a copy of Scenar Fair. Thank you

  14. Rosemary Colwell

    Thank you for your inspiration. I have watched you on You tube.

  15. Chris Montealegre

    Please send the The SCENAR Fair’ second edition


  16. Oliver Sifkovits

    Hi there,

    I am a Strength & Conditioning Coach working with professional footballers.

    I’m highly interested to in SCENAR technology.

    Could you please send me a copy of the book to my e-mail.

    Thanks very much,


  17. Irene Parent

    Please send the Scenar Fair. MThank you.

  18. Craig Adamson

    Please send me a copy of your book. Thank you.

  19. Jack Raymond

    Scenar Fair, please.

  20. Elen Kyri

    Am very fascinated and excited to read about ‘Scenar’ a pioneer in its own right and for many still something new. Before I decide which device to buy please kindly forward ‘The Scenar Fair’. I certainly will be reading as much as I can regarding this wonderful life-saving to many users companion.

  21. Elen Kyri

    Am fascinated by the whole concept and would be excited to receive ‘The Scenar Fair’ before I decide which device to buy. This wonderful invention is new to a lot of people and a pioneer in its own right.

  22. Ruth Adams

    Please send me a copy of your book. Thank you.

  23. john caldwe

    I would liike to have a copy of scenar fair. Thanks

  24. Brian

    Please send “scenar Fair”

  25. Orlando

    I would like to read “The SCENAR Fair” Thank you.

  26. Suzanne

    Love to read The Scenar Fair!

  27. Alma

    We just purchased the Scenar, looking forward to learning how to use it.

    Thank you,

  28. Robert Smith

    I would also appreciate a copy of “The Scenar Fair” please.

  29. please send “scenar Fair”

    Thank you

  30. Lai

    hi, would very much appreciate a copy of ” The Scenar Fair”, thank you !!!

  31. gblack

    i would appreciate receiving a copy of the book “A Scenar Fair

  32. s.ashok kumar

    i want to buy cosmodic scanar.i can’t undergo training probram.so which model is best,considering accuracy and cost effective.cosmodic scanar ps 705 mini ot which model.
    thank you,
    s.ashok kumar


    I bought one scenar last year.
    But I don’t know how to use it properly.
    I decided to study it more.
    Can I download “The SCENAR Fair – second edition”?
    Thank you.
    Shinyoung Park

  34. Robin Chung

    Please email me the new scenar fair.

  35. Gavin Blackman

    Interested in receiving a digital copy of “The SCENAR Fair – second edition”

    Thanking you in anticipation
    Gavin Blackman

  36. Fred Templeton

    Am interested in getting “The Scenar Fair.”

  37. Very interested in learning more – I bought a SCENAR devise a year ago; have not as yet learned it’s full capabilities.

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