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  1. blake

    Must these devices be kept away from magnets?

    • Even though the SCENAR manufacturers do not specifically require to keep SCENARs away from magnets, it is our opinion that you should. The device elements are finely tuned, and any micro-movement of components (that may be caused by magnets) can result in the device losing its coherence.

  2. mºteresa

    haran alguna demostracion en BCN???? por favor si es asi me llaman 0034678724009

  3. mºteresa

    Por favor como puedo ver como funciona scenaer?? en donde

  4. Dr. Andrew Jordan

    I have Q1000 ng . How can I tell if the settings are correct(modes)?

    • Hi, Dr. Andrew,

      Unfortunately, there is no way to find out in home setting if the modes are correct. You would need a tech lab for that. However, if the modes are working, they usually keep their latest programming – or do not work at all.

  5. blake

    I bought an Avazzia life. Does that work the same way. can I look for sa and treat the same way or do I need to buy a scanar and which one. I have been fighting a terrible chest cold for a couple of weeks. Coughing fits fits severe. Would the scenar be able to help as the Avazziz helps a little but hasn’t been able to knocl it out of my system its goin gon three weeks now and I am still coughing violently

    • Dear Blake,

      Since Avazzia is a SCENAR-type device, you can certainly use it in the manner typical for SCENARs: as described, looking for Small Asymmetries on your chest and working with them.

      For the chest cavity disorders, we usually recommend working all over the chest area in a “cloud” fashion (making quick circles) or as a “Christmas Tree” technique (where the spine represents a tree trunk and ribs are branches; you work primarily from the periphery to the centre and from the bottom up, helping the lungs to cleanse themselves). SA usually reveals itself in the process, and then you concentrate on it.

      Since we only work with the genuine SCENAR devices and do not have any experience with Avazzia, I cannot predict how much the above will help your chest cold, but I certainly hope that you will get the desired relief.

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