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  1. pls contact us for distribution to greece cyprous and m east rgds angelos

  2. Suresnes – 10-01-2018 – Bonjour : Le 05-10-2017 j’ai fait un hématome AVC résorbable dans le cervelet dont les effets s’atténuent au point de vue écriture & signature notamment – Les escaliers roulants descendants sont encore trop rapides et les escaliers montants sont délicats à prendre pour l’handicapé physique que je suis avec deux cannes anglaises. Je ne perds pas l’ESPOIR à 70 ans…

  3. AnneHallam

    I am so happy to be able to thank you personally Irina Kossovskaia for bringing the SCENAR/ENAR device to the west and please thank Dr. Alexander Karasev for his marvelous invention (and his team of scientists). I am ‘pain free’ going on four years because of this device. I’d lived with increasing nerve pain over several years preceeding this treatment – after falling off roof scaffolding in April 2001. I’d dearly love to become a therapist helping those dealing with pain.

  4. r.s.pitz

    I have used a D-vx612E scenar-cosmodic.with good out come,on prostate&blood pressure.when useing in training mode,the unit is in cosmodic mode,is that right? please advise,thank you.

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