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  1. s.ashok kumar

    if i buy latest scenar shall i follow how to use it.i am a civil engineer.im in india,
    i want to know the latest device for healing all type of problems.
    cost and secured courrier to india-500072.some sites are comparing scenar and mihealth of nes company.
    what is the difference between these two.
    thank you,
    s.ashok kumar

  2. Herme

    I have had chronic Rickettsia with accompanying co-infections for the past 47 years after contracting tick bite fever when I was just a small girl, then living in Africa. I’ve had a general breakdown of my health over the years and have never been healthy. The past year I have hardly left my home due to the many symptoms, particularly chronic pain, chronic fatigue and food and environmental allergies. My quality of life is very poor. Have you any experience with Rickettsia or Lyme Disease (they are very similar in character, particularly in the long-term chronic stages) with SCENAR/Cosmodic, QLaser and the Solaris blanket? Many thanks.

  3. Dear Dr. Irina Kossovskaia, in case of Multiple Myeloma, what would you recommend: Scenar, Cosmedic or a combination of both?

    Thank you so much for your help!

    Kindest regards,


    • Marcy

      I, too, have Myeloma. Have you found and purchased a specific unit? If so, has it helped? I am just now learning about all this and am still extremely confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I truly hope you are doing well and healing from this horrible disease.

      Thanks a lot,

  4. Albert Huguet

    Recently diagnosed with low grade glioma of the brain.
    Going to MDAnderson and beginning Budwig diet and other homeopathic treatments.
    Can Scenar help with direct application to the head? I bought one recently.

    • Dear Albert,

      As you may already know, any kind of tumor requires complex therapy that restores the homeostasis of the body and inter-cellular communication. No one technology/modality can be a panacea, but there are winning combinations. From that point of view and on the technology side, we always recommend a combination of SCENAR/COSMODIC and the QLaser.

      Since you already have a SCENAR (providing it is a true SCENAR device and not a “SCENAR wannabe”), you can start with the 3P6P Protocol and then concentrate on treating the head in general (skull and strategic points on the face). I would not suggest to stay in the direct projection of the tumor, better just “brush through” it.

      There are no guarantees, of course, but SCENAR has been used in oncology for many years with good results.

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