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  1. Dasa Vinayaga

    My email to Mike Beasley failed as undeliverable.
    Here was my message:
    Hi Mike:

    I wonder if you have any experience using the Scenar/Cosmodic therapy

    on congenital issues like a rye neck.

    I was a breech baby. The forceps tore muscles on the right side of

    my neck causing scar tissue to form and the muscles to under develop.

    The result has been neck aches and high right shoulder spasms since my 20s.

    Now, the left side is in constant spasm too and it was not damaged.

    Also, the right shoulder joint has a chronic pain doing certain movements

    like putting on a coat.

    Thanks for any info you can share with me.


    Dasa Vinayaga

    Kirkland, WA

  2. Hi, Dasa,

    We took a liberty of forwarding your message to Mike Beasley, who may now have a different email address. He will be in touch with you shortly.

    Thank you for your interest in our technologies.

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