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  1. Mike Upstone

    I especially like treating sceptics, including doctors 🙂
    4 years with SCENAR…

    I would like to add some comments as I have now treated in the region of 400 people with old Scenar technology over a period of around 4 years. There have been many cases when I treat someone for a very long term injury or illness that it cures ‘on the spot’.

    Last week I treated a man in Liverpool who had numbness and some pain in his leg as a result of a previously broken back, which he was fortunate to recover from. During treatment he started feeling his leg and foot – I had to ask him to sit still, but he was so excited he couldn’t… it brought feeling back to his leg for the first time in 28 years. I have had many similar experiences.

    On the basis that this technology works – brilliantly – and it and related technologies (Cosmodic, Low Level Laser and the healing blanket) actually stimulate very rapid cellular regeneration in the body, for example helping it to grow a new heart without a scar after a heart attack, a perfect one with no scar!.. there is no cost issue to be considered.

    How much is a stent operation, a facelift, even a relatively minor operation to move a broken bone back in to position… ? How much time do people lose from work when they are sick? How much do they spend on medication? How many expensive holidays are ruined through illness or injury, even including minor issues like colds and flu?
    The real issue is cost benefit and value for money.

    Among many other cases I can cite I helped a Norwegian woman who had not worked in 10 years return to employment after a great deal of suffering due to a combination of back problems and allergies… it took just a few treatments, over a few weeks… there are many more examples I have seen first hand, so I am glad to give a testimonial for these products, they are incredible.

    I especially like treating sceptics, including doctors 🙂

  2. Kathy

    I now have full use of both my arms…
    Experience with paralysis after an accident

    I have actually had SCENAR device used on me. My arm was Paralysed due to an accident involving a comealong. The other arm was also badly damaged.

    It took a year of weekly sessions with Dr. Gunter from Russia, but I now have full use of both my arms. She was in a medical office in Texas City and resided in Houston at the time.

    I highly recommend this form of treatment. I should know, I am typing this message with both arms fully healed. Something I never thought I would be able to do.


    • kris smith


      Great to read of your succesful recovery from such a bad injury. I too have had the use of my arms affected due to a spinal cord injury–levels cervicle 5 and 6. Was your injury siimlar, or have you heard of any like i have described?

      Best wishes,


  3. The Scenar was able to expel the particles that were suffocating my cells
    Experience with the GMO-polluted food

    Thank you for the article on how the Scenar listens and “The Secrets of the Dose”. I definitely enjoy a better understanding of what it’s doing. The part about
    GMO particles blocking receptors was of particular interest to me.

    About a month ago I was being kept awake by a stomach ache. I happened to have the Scenar at home with me, so I muscle tested to see what was optimal treatment.

    Muscle testing is something I learned when I took my Health Kinesiology course, and it allows me to “ask” the body what it needs for treatment. This is a very effective skill when combined with Scenar treatment, as I can go directly to the treatment or protocol the body wants.

    I started with a double (* and @) dose on the Stomach 16 meridian point on the left breast, followed by double dosing from the Central Vessel 17 (near the bottom of the sternum) all the way down to Central Vessel 4 (between naval and pubic bone). I am delighted to report that the pain was completely gone by the time I was done!

    Now I understand why it happened, I had eaten some GMO oatmeal before bed, it was causing me the pain. The Scenar was able to expel the particles that were suffocating my cells, and believe me, the waste and oatmeal was expelled most effectively by morning.

    I hope sharing my story is beneficial to someone. I know that the article was most beneficial to me.
    Thank you.


    Alma Sawatsky
    Scenar Therapist at East House Natural Health
    612 – 15th Street NW, Calgary, AB

  4. Shona Wilson

    Even as a total scenar novice I have had outstanding success
    First experiences with the EX735Ag Slider

    I feel so privileged to own a Slider! Even as a total scenar novice I have had outstanding success.
    One woman could breathe thru her nose for the first time in 15 years! I was wondering why she kept sniffing and saying wow… so that was what she told me 🙂
    One treatment freeing up a carpel tunnel; cysts in breast disappearing; lowered blood pressure… Never having owned any other device I cannot compare.
    I just say, Thank you.

    Shona Wilson,
    New Zealand

  5. Sandie Sue Smith

    No more shots and no more expensive doctor visits! I couldn’t be happier.
    Rheumatoid arthritis experience

    This site is very helpful to me. I’ve had my DOVE for about 3 years. My husband and I have helped over 50 people, with only 2 unfavorable results. All others experienced complete relief of their pain with 1 or 2 treatments. We have only been focusing on pain relief, though your site says the DOVE can cure other medical issues.

    I, personally, avoided a right hip replacement surgery due to rheumatoid arthritis. After treating all around my right hip every day for about a month, I no longer needed to walk with a cane and the pain was completely gone. I have done the same thing with my knees. I was having to get painful shots under my knee caps for arthritis. Not wanting to go through those shots, I started treating my knees with the DOVE and I am pain free.

    No more shots and no more expensive doctor visits! I couldn’t be happier.

    Many thanks,
    Sandie Smith
    Delray Beach, FL

    • M Lak

      I own as near device but do not know much about its application. Is there a protocol you followed and for how Much time you gave in one treatment?
      I have injured my ankles and went thru surgery for correction. Surgery is fairly new and I want to treat the pain with this device. Can you please advice what mode and for how long shall give the treatment? Can I use sticky electrodes as it is difficult brushing the area.
      Would appreciate your response.

  6. Kees van Woudenberg

    I felt NO PAIN at all, NO REDNESS and NO BLISTERS
    EX735Ag Modific heals a boiling water burn

    Dear Irina, I like to tell you that after I spilled cooking water 100derg C over my belly. I used the EX735 Modific on the highest level (manual) and swept it over my Belly for 15 min. and I can tell you the unbelievable story, I felt NO PAIN at all, NO REDNESS and NO BLISTERS.

    Further on vacation in the Carabean with many type of insect, after the stich 1 min. on the place with XE374 Modific and no problem.

    My Cardiologist is amazed that my heart is still the same. With Cardio Myopathy you are in bad shape, but it is still stable. He is amazed about my SCENAR.


  7. Dr. Marie Green

    C-DOVE is ideal for headaches
    How to quickly deal with headaches

    This is the experience I wanted to share with the Scenar Therapists.

    I put the C-Dove wherever it hurts on the head and wait until it doses. This usually works very well and quickly. Today I used the regular Dove to paint the forehead and that worked too, but the c-dove really is ideal for headaches.

    I part the hair and then squirt some water on the scalp… put the C-Dove on the sore spot and it makes the headache go away… Even the worst migraine leaves in about 10 minutes. If the migraine has lasted many days, it might take 20 minutes to make it go away!!!!!

    Dr. Marie Green
    Utah, USA

  8. Ethel Snooks

    The pain of 38 years left and has never returned
    715Ag stops menstrual-related pain

    I have a 50 year old friend who has had a problem ever since she started menstruating. When she was a toddler she had a boil under her left arm. It was lanced and a couple of stitches were used to close the wound. As she grew that scar gradually moved down to the outer edge of the top of the breast. Just before and during the first day or two of menstruation she has had annoying pain in that area.

    She had asked to use the 715 for a sprained knee incurred during a fall on the ice. It was such a help she asked to try it for this pain. Now remember, she has had this pain every month for 38 years. She applied the 715 to the spot and dosed twice. The pain left and has never returned.

    I have a couple more stories I need to write up but need to prepare for company today so will cut this short.

    Thank you for your help.

    Ethel Snooks

  9. Dr. Hani Badr

    Just to let you know that the first case I decided to deal with using Healing Fusion system was a difficult case (avascular necrosis of the head of left femur) of a 9 years old boy. The improvement started to be obvious after 6 months of applying bi-weekly sessions using my Q-Laser and Dove scenar.

    By the way, the child name is “Nour”, which means “light” ( a happy co-incidence ) .

    Accept my best regards
    Dr.Hani Badr
    Proud to be from Egypt
    And happy for practicing the healing fusion system
    And above all thanks to God.

  10. Louis Spoelstra

    How ‘healing miracles’ happen
    The Heel Spur story

    This January me and my son Arjan where on a cruise in the Caribbean, where we met Dr. Irina and Doc David.

    Already the first day, we were attracted by the ‘toolbox’ they were always carrying with them constantly helping one or another of the fellow passengers.

    Their devices seem to work very well for everyone. I was very curious, and wanted to know more about their ‘hocus pocus’. So we also came into contact with them and decided to try their therapy for my heel spur that was bothering me a lot for a long time.

    The next morning I and Arjan went out for breakfast, and there were Dr. Irina and Doc David, having their breakfast as well and helping, of course, yet another ‘patient’ at the same time.

    “Please join us,” – they said and we got some extra chairs. Doc David told my son to start the treatment right away. He took the DOVE, pressed a few times, think it was the max. load, and told Arjan to make little circles on my heel. This was easy to do.

    Meanwhile we talked about the DOVE and how things should happen. After say 15 min. Dr. Irina
    asked Arjan to stop, and told me to stand up and stamp my foot. Ten minutes before I could NOT stamp my foot without tears rolling over my cheek. Now, NO PAIN, nothing!

    I was very skeptical and was convinced that after the coffee, it would be back again. It has been a MONTH now, and pain has NOT returned!

    Now I know how “healing miracles” happen.

    Thanks for crossing our roads, Dr. Irina, Doc David, and the little DOVE!

    Louis Spoelstra,
    Bladel, Holland

  11. Dr. Don Snow

    This is my first “SCENAR” and I am already in love
    2 sciatica experiences

    Today I have just received my first SCENAR DOVE. I also own two 705s and an EX 735 Modific. However, this is my first “SCENAR” and I am already in love. I have just finished treating my second patient with it.

    1. Pt. #1: 86 y/o female with 18 years of worsening low back pain and right-sided sciatica. This is her fourth treatment, but the first with the new DOVE. The results were almost instantaneous! Within 3 minutes (this thing doses very quickly) the sciatica was gone. A few minutes more and so was the LBP. This patient complained during the treatment that her pain was getting worse, then…poof.. the pain was gone!

    2. Pt. #2: A 43 y/o female with LBP and right sided sciatica with numbness in right foot. About 7 minutes of tx (and a dose)…pain gone! so was the numbness in her foot. During the tx this one also complained, but she felt a deep needle sensation throught the assymetry being tx. Also quite suddenly, pain gone.

    Now I’ll tell you, I love my COSMODICs and 735, but so far they cannot compete with the speed of this baby. However, the DOVE is a bit more complicated to use. It appears that SCENAR is better for musculoskeletal problems and the COSMODICs appear better for functional problems. For internal medicine type problems the COSMODICs are super fast, but the SCENAR is faster for musculoskeletal pathologies.

    Can’t wait to try this DOVE out on a neuropathy patient and see how they compare.

    Dr. Don Snow
    [email protected]

  12. Mary Ellen Lively

    Ex 715 Cosmodic

    I have had an annoying wart on my index finger for many years. Recently, I inadvertently caught it on something and “shaved” off the very top of it. I snipped off the skin flap which now left the raw center exposed and very painful to the slightest touch. After enduring this discomfort for a couple of days I decided to give the 715 a try. I placed it directly on the wound (actually the wart was between 2 of the electrodes) at a low power level so as not to cause more pain.

    The day after the first dosing showed obvious improvement. Following further dosing on two consecutive days the wart has totally disappeared.

  13. Jeff Gibbs

    I have a few scenar / cosmodic stories that may help others.

    The first was how I became acquainted with Scenar / Cosmodic technology. I was pushing my daughter on an old fashioned 6 foot round merry go round with the iron bars that split it into quarter sections. In pushing the merry go round, I got it to maximum speed, but didn’t get my hand out of the way soon enough, with the next bar around striking my knuckle hard. I ignored it and eventually the pain went away, but by the time I noticed it, the finger was permanently bent at about a 100 degree angle, with very little movement from there, due to what was ultimately determined to be scar tissue. After trying everything standard doctors could do, I ordered a scenar / cosmodic blend (the old version of the 735). About the time my device came in, I finally got in to see a hand specialist. He said they could do something for me – it would require a year or so of stretching, casting, restretching, recasting, etc (in every week or two), to gain back some extension, then 3 to 6 months to again be able to bend it. It was a week before I could get into the occupational therapist he referred me to for beginning the process. In the interim, I began stretching the finger, using the CS setting (75% cosmodic/25% scenar – at Dr. Karasev’s recommendation). By the time of my first appointment, I had regained 30 degrees ROM. The therapist was amazed and said to keep doing what I was doing, and she came up with a specialized splint to use to hold it in the stretched position when I wasn’t working it otherwise. By 5 weeks from my initial visit to the hand specialist, at my second appointment with him, I had regained all of the ROM he would have been able to help me with, and I could both stretch and bend my finger. The only restriction in movement since then has been due to the calculus build-up that formed at the joint shortly after the finger was hit (X-rays showed there was no fracture, but my body apparently did not realize that and acted like the area was broken anyway, putting down extra reinforcement in the area. I don’t know whether the cosmodic would have been necessary at the time – I suspect that the DOVE could have done the same job for a lower cost.

    The second story was one involving pulled back muscles. I had heard that scenars and cosmodics worked well on back injuries, but really did not pay a lot of attention to that since it was not a problem I had. Then a year and a half ago I pulled a muscle in my back, and it seemed to go out of place, one Friday afternoon. It was bad enough so I had to sit at an angle. Before that my first response would have been to call a chiropractor to get over the problem, since that type of thing had not gone away on its own before. But it was too late in the week to get into a chiropractor that week, and I was out of town the next week. I knew I would be in misery for at least a week and a half. Then I remembered what I had heard. I took my scenar and began to work over the area, found a sticky spot, and let it work. Within minutes the first spot was gone, but the area still seemed to want attention. I worked around the area for a while, probably finding five or six sticky spots or so, and worked through each one. Each time the spot seemed to move slightly. Once all the spots were gone (about 15 or 20 minutes after I started), 85 to 90% of the pain was gone, and I had my full ROM back and was able to get to sleep easily. The next day I still had the minor residual discomfort, where I had stopped the evening before, I worked over the area again for maybe 10 minutes, again working thru sticky spots, and by the time I was done all the pain was gone, and I didn’t even consider seeing a chiropractor. In fact I haven’t seen one since then.

    The third story was one that occurred during flu season last year. A few months before I had seen a posting on the OneMedicine site (by Dr. Rob Esser) where he mentioned that a trick he used with acupuncture, from traditional Chinese medicine (actually with an acupuncture technique called cupping) for the flu. He said that if you could catch a person within 24 hr of the start of the flu, they could often stop it immediately by simply cupping the B11 acupuncture point on the back. He felt that it should work with a cosmodic as well as with cupping, and suggested trying it, using a cosmodic on B11 on both sides. He said that a cosmodic should draw, like cupping does, not push, like scenar does. He said that if it was successful (as he thought it probably would be) “the result will be noticeably instantly”. He said that when it works, it disables the virus and gives control back to the immune system. That was a tidbit of information that I filed away, figuring I probably would never use it. Then it happened. One evening I began to feel worse, and within an couple hours it was clear that I was well on my way to having a good case of the flu. I figured I would be in for a rough night. Then I remembered what Dr. Esser had said, dug up the place of the B11 acupuncture point, and broke out my little 705 (the only pure cosmodic unit I had). I tried the maybe 45 seconds to a minute per side on each B11 point (one on each side of the back), and there was an immediate breaking of the problems. It was very noticeable. I wasn’t perfect yet, but felt a lot better, no more chills or other major flu symptoms. It was getting close to bed time, and I simply went to bed when I normally would, had a good night’s sleep, and by the next morning I was back to 100% with not even residual symptoms of the flu.

  14. Dr. Don Snow

    Well, I’m back. As promised I am going to give you my protocol methodology for treating arthritis. First, I’ll discuss osteo-arthritis:

    If any of you have ever attempted to treat osteo arthritis you may have noticed that it is quite difficult to find any assymetries when scanning with the SCENAR (by the way, SCENAR is better than Cosmodic, at first). That is because the body is in total ignorance that it even has a problem, that’s why it progresses so insidiously. Therefore, scan the affected area thoroughly, then go over it again. Now you will see many assymetries! Now you have something to treat. Now dose these as you find them. The results will be immediate and profound.

    Those of you that can practice acupuncture can speed this process up considerably through the use of the needle and a Pachi-pachi sparker device and 3 way cords. Pachi the affected area and if the pain is affected by changes in the weather, add moxa to the needle after the pachi-pachi e’stim. Then scan using the SCENAR frequency of available. If you don’t have a first generation SCENAR, use COSMODIC. However, if you use cosmodic expect the device to turn itself off many times. This is because the body needs SCENAR. However, just turn the device back on and continue treating.

    This disease, like neuropathies, is very time consuming to treat; but it will go away and if their is any edema, you will see immediate results and the pain should be 80% or more gone.

    SCENAR intesity should be set to comfort.

    Now, when treating an inflammed rheumatoid arthritis. This responds much more slowly and is much more difficult to treat. Here, SCENAR intensity must be set very high (to tolerance) because here you are trying to drain excess energy. Also, for this sydrome that patient must have lots of patience, if so, they will improve though very slowly. If one practices Oriental medicine, RA must be treated with internal medicine. If this is available, the patient will respond much faster.

    Hope this helps.

    Dr. Don Snow, DAOM, MPH, L.Ac.
    [email protected]

  15. Kathy Kay

    I have limited exposure to the Scenar as I have just been introduced to the usage just about one month ago. A co-worker mentioned to me a little machine she had on lone to her from a friend. She sang the praises of the scenar’s capabilities. I was intrigued and immediately proposed a ‘test’. My husband has been experiencing sharp pain in his hip and lower back after experiencing a fall approx 3 weeks prior. I suggested she let us see if this would easy his discomfort.

    That night we went to her house. After a brief explanation of the “how to’s” I began giving him a treatment in the low back and hip area. At the conclusion of the treatment – his pain in this area was completely alleviated – for the first time in three weeks! I offered to buy more batteries and made an appointment to return for another treatment for his thigh – which is another story. It has been two weeks since that treatment and he is still pain free in his low back /hip area.

    After a successful initial treatment with the scenar, we returned to a friend’s house to use the loner machine on my husbands thigh area. He has been experiencing burning and deep ache in his right thigh for several weeks. It was progressively getting worse and there seems to be nothing to ease it. We used the scenar on the thigh and he found great relief, though not complete pain free results. We later found out that he has shingles. We are hoping to be able to use the machine again to see if it will clear up the problem completely.

  16. Bonnie Bailey

    STORY #1

    I have a friend that has had back problems for many years. She gets locked up and can hardly move. The last time this happened, I offered help, but was politely declined. She has a very stressful family situation. Added to this was the wedding of her son, a highly emotionally charged event. After several days of watching her hurt, I told her to stop being so stubborn and let me help. She was tired of hurting and agreed.

    We worked on her hip with both the laser, the 715 and the DOVE for about an hour. Emotions were a big part of the distress. I used Flower Essences topically as I work as well. At that point she was pain free and mobile. It took several more times working on the same areas until she stayed pain free. It now has been several months.

    STORY #2

    This is not so funny as interesting to watch.

    My children are all adults. When they come home, they find the box that i keep my equipment in and pick out their device of choice. One night we were all watching a movie. Everyone had a different device going. The room was full of beeps, going on and off. Then they would trade around.

    My grandchildren often come and show me some injury that they have and declare that they need to use one device or the other.

    One of our dogs loves the laser. She know where it is kept and whine for us to get it out for her.

    Bonnie Bailey
    [email protected]
    970 670 0749

  17. STORY #1

    One morning I woke up with very serious acute sinus pain. I had borrowed the 735Ag from a client, and decided to try it on my sinus. The program ran for just over ten minutes (at that time the longest I had seen was about 2 minutes), and I was getting a little nervous. As the program continued to run, I began to experience relief from the sinus pain, and some tingling on the surface of the skin over my cheek. When the program was complete, I shut off the unit and was able to go back to sleep. I awoke a little while later with absolutely no symptoms in my sinus, even the “normal” congestion I would have on any morning. Very cool!

    STORY #2

    I have been working with a client for about three years (I am a Neuromuscular Massage Therapist). He has very thick skin, and has had a stubborn back pain. He walks with his legs externally rotated, and has tremendous difficulty in relaxing during the session. Getting to his deeper tissues is typically very difficult, as his skin is very thick.

    About a week and a half after he had received his 735Ag, I went into the therapy room and put my hands on his back, AND MY HANDS SANK IN DIRECTLY TO THE MUSCLES!! There was no need to warm up the tissues to TRY to treat the muscles, I was getting to them with ease.

    I immediately asked what he was doing, and he told me about the SCENAR. I had to know more. I had never seen any change in tissues happen so suddenly. The only other time I’d seen changes like this was when a couple had completely changed their diet to organic, but even then it took months. This was miraculous.

    He was gracious enough to let me borrow the SCENAR to try on several of my patients, but there was little change. I have noticed that in order for any significant change to occur, several treatments over a short period of time are required for changing chronic conditions. Once a week was just not going to cut it.

    Tracy Jones
    [email protected]

  18. Richard Gaunt

    Last week I sprained my ankle playing basketball. It’s not the first time I’ve had such an injury. I could tell by the way I did it and the swelling I could feel in my shoe, and later visually see, that this was a pretty good sprain. Typically, I would think I would be limping noticeably for two weeks. Treatment would consist of icing the problem area and rest; keeping the foot elevated as much as possible.

    When I got home I iced the area first. Then I started using my Ex735ag around the injured area. I brushed the scenar all around the injured area and the opposite side of the ankle as well. I did this for 10 minutes on the injured area and 3 minutes on the non-injured side. Then I took readings with the Ex735ag and dosed the areas of high activities, dosing the highest activity areas first. There were three main areas that needed attention. Each took less than 5 minutes to dose.

    The next day I would do the same treatment of brushing and targeting high activity areas 3 times. The next day two times, and from then on once a day. Within 3 days I had a slight limp. Today, the sixth day, although it still feels injured, I can walk on it almost without any limp. For me, this is an extremely fast recovery. Without the scenar treatments, I would have expected to be practically immobile for 3-4 days and limping noticeably for 7-10 days. I expect to be playing again in a week.

  19. Teresa Vast

    Shortly after I received my Scenar device, I tripped over a magazine rack in our home and landed hard on the wood floor. I was a little dazed and within a short time I began to feel ill, a little dizzy, and sore all over. I had to lie down to rest.

    After a few hours, I thought of the Scenar/Cosmodic device and figured I may as well try it. I wasn’t sure how best to use it, as I hadn’t had any training, but I turned it on and simply held it against every part of my body that ached. When I woke up the next morning, I felt great. I wasn’t sore and I had no bruises from the fall – except on one part of my arm. I figured out that I had missed treating that area – and that explained why only that one area was still sore. So I treated it, and within hours, it, too, was fine.

  20. Peter Warde

    I had bad sciatica which had been slowly improving over 10 years using a new chiropractic treatment which focused on stimulation of the nerves. When I saw these active reflex biofeedback electronic nerve stimulator’s I rented one and treated myself. The pain went from my sacrum to the musculature around my lower vertebrae then the pain has just about gone in about a month of treatment.

  21. Richard Ford

    When I first had access to a Scenar 1NT device a friend of the family came and saw my partner and I for a visit – also knowing that my partner had just finished level 2 training with the Scenar. Unfortunately, my partner had an appointment to attend to and so I was left to my own devices to see if I could help.

    For the past several months I had been consuming everything I could find out about the different protocols from all different sources, so I told our friend that if she wanted, I would see what I could do. Our friend is an elderly lady (80+) who loves playing tennis. She informed me that for the last several days, it felt as if she was stepping on broken glass with her left foot, she also had inflammation up to the top of her left calf muscle.

    After 40 minutes of using Diag 0 and Diag 1 on her left foot (and testing the pain several times throughout) she was free of pain. It was only after I finished that I noticed that the inflammation had disappeared – and I had not worked on that area. 4 months later she is still free of pain and no inflammation. She is able to play tennis without the pain that she had been feeling. I no that it may not be earth-shattering, but it sure surprised me as I was only expecting a reduction in the pain and not total freedom of pain.

  22. Flora Azulay

    STORY #1

    This incident occurred in February 2000 – very early on in my training in Scenar therapy. I came home from shopping to hear my husband calling me. The sound of his voice told me something was seriously wrong. I found him bent double and in terrible pain.

    He explained that he had been on a ladder sawing a large branch off 5 metres up a tree. Unusually for him (he had done lots of tree-felling as a young man) he had not strapped himself up. The branch fell to the ground and rebounded against the ladder and knocked it sideways. He fell onto the branch on his left side, sustaining severe trauma to the left ribs and pelvis as well as trauma to the abdominal organs. A large violet bruise had developed on the hip. It was winter and he was wearing several layers and a padded jacket which probably saved him, otherwise the damage would have been much more serious.

    He was in terrible pain and could barely crawl but he didn’t think he’d broken anything. So I set about treating him with my 97.4 using the settings and techniques we had been taught for acute pain. Very soon, he felt the pain had eased. He was utterly amazed that he was able to get off the couch and walk almost normally after the first treatment.

    I continued to treat him at regular intervals for the next few days. The bruise on the hip disappeared very quickly. The pain in the ribs improved within a week. The internal trauma took longer to heal but within 3 to 4 weeks, he felt quite normal again and was able to resume gardening and climb the ladder again!

    STORY #2

    Four or five years ago, we had planned a Summer holiday in France. Two weeks before our departure, my husband developed a rash on his back and side which I thought could be shingles. He insisted he wanted a diagnosis and went to see his GP who confirmed it was indeed shingles. My husband decided to go for the conventional pain-killers prescribed by his GP. They upset tummy badly so he stopped taking them.

    By this time, three days had gone by and he was in agony with the nerve pain, especially at night. He agreed to let me treat him with my Scenar but announced that if he was still in pain by the time we were due to leave, he would cancel the holiday. I treated him every two hours, day and night. The pain was much worse at night but I was there, Scenar at the ready! Needless to say, we did leave for our holiday as planned (lovely trip on the canals in France). Once we were there, he refused any further treatment, saying he felt perfectly fine!

  23. Rose D’Agostino

    This past Spring, I traveled to visit my sister in Ohio and was really looking forward to having a cup of her extra-strong coffee. Normally, I abstain from caffein, but I wanted something special to mark the occasion, so I rummaged through her cupboard to find a cup that pleased me. Good! I found just the one — lightweight, yet with a porcelain feel to it. Perfect. I picked up the coffee pot and discovered that the coffee had cooled. No problem — I filled the cup, popped it in the microwave and tapped the “reheat” button.

    When the buzzer sounded, I confidently reached in and grabbed the cup. OWWWWW! My index finger was on fire! The handle was superhot and right at the first joint, my finger was deeply burned. The pain was excruciating, even going deep into the bone. The swelling was immediate and immense.

    My sister dove for the freezer for ice, but I dove for my purse and my 715. Faithful travel companion. always ready to heal. Immediately, “Old Faithful” went to work drawing off the pain, drawing off the swelling, calming my shattered nervous system. I kept the scenar on my finger for nearly an hour, gently moving it around the area until I could place the 715 right on top of the burn. The redness disappeared, the swelling went down, the pain was gone.

    Throughout the visit, I continued treatments and a small cushion of fluid stayed under the skin, allowing the new layers of skin to form. Within a week, this released as the new skin was ready for its debut. There is no scarring. My finger has full movement and is perfectly normal. No one would ever imagine that anything had ever happened.

    That “perfect” cup? Turns out that is was an old Corningware Centura pattern that has metal baked into the porcelain. Makes it lightweight and sturdy — and dangerous in the microwave. Since the rise of the microwave, Corning has discontinued its manufacture. Good.

  24. Treatment for Fibromyalgia

    I am a Sotai Practitioner based in Canada. Since I opened my clinic in 2002 here in Vancouver, BC, I have been practicing Sotai which is a natural healing method developed in Japan. While I practice Sotai I also got interested in the vibrational medicine. One day I encountered the Scenar technology and after a vigorous research, I discovered the DOVE. It didn’t take me long to make up my mind to purchase the state-of-the-art technology because of its reliability and accessibility.

    Soon after I began using the DOVE, one of my Sotai clients who have been suffering from Fibromyalgia also became interested in the DOVE. Since he lives in Japan, I taught him how to use the device by the Skype system. It’s been two months since my client started using the DOVE. At the beginning he suffered from healing crisis. Below are the main problems he was facing.
    He didn’t know:
    – how frequent he should treat himself with the DOVE;
    – how long he should use the DOVE in each session;
    – what kinds of methods he should apply in his self-treatment;
    – how to treat himself when he suffers from healing crisis.

    Since his initial healing crisis was quite severe, he almost gave up his treatment with the DOVE. Nevertheless, thanks to Dr Irina’s support, he never had to give up on using the DOVE. I really appreciate Dr Irina.

    Normally, a treatment with the DOVE for chronic symptoms is recommended every other day and each session is limited to 30-40 minutes. However, more than half cases of fibromyalgia tend to suffer from severe healing crisis. In my client case, he suffered a lot possibly due to his long-standing medication for his pain and depression, even after a 30-minute treatment with the DOVE. Dr Irina recommended my client a 10-15 minute daily treatment with the DOVE. Even with such a short treatment, he still gets reactions the following day. But I’ve been giving him a full support because what he is experiencing is totally positive. In his treatment method, he alternates the local and the whole body treatments. So after treating only the affected areas in one session, he would give himself a general treatment and then go back to the local treatment and so on. This way he seems to be able to maintain his motivation for the treatment.

    One of the main issues those individuals who are suffering from fibromyalgia may be facing is that they didn’t receive a support by their loved ones or their companies after the damage was done to the vertebrae (e.g. due to the traffic accidents, falls etc). From my clinical experiences, these individuals shouldn’t have had to suffer from such a disease if they could get an emotional/mental support from their family, friends, loved ones, or their bosses.

    I found that many individuals with fibromyalgia are/were taking large dosages of different kinds of medicines at the same time. I feel that a lot of time their healing processes are interfered due to the toxicity or side effects of the abuses of medicines. Particularly in the case of fibromyalgia, the nature of the disease can cause an emotional instability, leading the individuals into a situation where they need to depend on tranquilizers, antidepressants and so on. For an optimal effect from the DOVE treatment, one should gradually reduce the medication; however in reality most of the individuals end up with medicine dependence.

    Dr Irina also recommended that it is ideal for my client to receive a treatment with the DOVE by a healthy individual. I thought this is a very important point because as I mentioned early the relationships with others is a key issue for treating fibromyalgia. It is difficult to reach the back with the DOVE especially at the 3P (whole body) mode. For the solution, I have discovered a special method by using a “magic hand” tool. Anyone who would like to know the method, please contact me anytime.

    For treating the healing crisis, the most effective treatment I found is the Solaris Blanket. Wrapping yourself with the blanket and taking a nap is the best method so far. M client seems to be getting more stable emotionally, but he hasn’t experienced a great physical improvement yet. According to a report by a patient with fibromyalgia, it took for a half year when she first felt an improvement by using the DOVE.

    Recently, I had an opportunity to fly over to my hometown Japan, where I gave two of my client’s treatments/lectures including how to use the DOVE and Solaris Blanket, and how to do self Sotai healing exercises. Both of them have purchased the DOVEs and the blankets. Due to the physical proximity, those clients need assistance how to use the DOVE most effectively. Right now I give them a weekly support by the Skype system.

    The biggest benefit of the treatment by the DOVE is that one can treat him/herself. I am so delighted that the technology has enabled a patient to treat him/herself and has given an opportunity to overcome the challenging diseases/symptoms by him/herself. This could not be realized by the first generation Scenars, but the DOVE/Cosmodic of the second generation Scenars has made it possible. I look forward to a further advancement of the exciting technology!

    Koshi Ozaki
    [email protected]

  25. Charlene Penny

    I have had trouble with my neck for years. I could not turn my neck when driving so I would have to go to the chiropractor and get adjusted. I now have a 715 cosmodic and I run the 6 points on my neck whenever I notice a problem starting, which is not very often anymore. That takes care of my neck problem with no pain and I can do it at home.

  26. Patricia Deissler

    Well, my story may not be the most miraculous, however, I can state that the EX735ag modific relieved me of a nasty burn to my hand. Mu husband had left the gas flame on underneath our heavy cast-iron pan in order to dry it and had forgotten to turn it off. It had been on for a long time. I unknowingly grabbed the handle in order to put it away and of course burned the inside of my hand grip, palm and fingers.

    Normally I would reach for my essential oil of lavender which does help the burn, however, this burn was really bad, and my lavender bottle was empty! So I remembered my scenar! Well, I thought, it couldn’t hurt to try and put my scenar to the test. Knowing that my modific has silver electrodes which is good for the skin as well, I literally grabbed the modific around the electrodes in the same way that I had grabbed the pan handle. In this way, I managed to cover the burned areas perfectly with the silver electrodes.

    The electrodes felt surprisingly cool on my hand and I continued to hold the scenar for about an hour like this. When I removed my hand it actually did not burn or even sting anymore. It felt very dry, but I was no longer in great pain. I then repeated this for about 15 minutest later that day. The next day, I hardly would have known that I had burned myself so badly. No blisters nor redness!

  27. Judith Forsythe

    STORY #1

    I was exercising with my trainer, leaning over one of those exercise balls. Suddenly without warning, I felt a terrible feeling in my knee. I was thrown onto the floor, much to the horror of myself and those around me. I was assessed by the owner of the place and he immediately called an orthopod who suggested I come right on over to his office for further diagnosis. Two burly guys helped me to my car, literally carrying me as I couldn’t put any weight on my leg/knee at all. I sat down in my car and had to do a little quieting breath to calm myself. I drove to the doctor’s office, but how to get inside. True Grit! I hopped on one foot through the parking lot, across the street, up the curb and into the lobby of the huge medical building. Into the elevator and then into the office. The doctor could see me right away and I hopped into his office. He checked me out and told me I had probably torn my meniscus. He provided me with a supportive sleeve for my knee and sent me home, expecting me to need to come in the next week for an MRI to be scheduled. I called my husband and he purchased me a set of crutches and met me at the elevator and we got me home. I was disconsolate because the following day I was scheduled to drive to Atlanta and meet people who were to demonstrate SCENAR devices and I didn’t see how I could possibly make it as my knee/leg would be down in a driving position and not up, over my heart in the only position in which I was comfortable. Then I realized, duh!, SCENAR could demo on me!

    So I got my crutches and luggage into my car and agonizingly drove to Atlanta where I met with the visiting folks from Texas. I walked in the room on crutches and needed a special chair upon which I could elevate my leg. The visitors spoke very little English, Russian being their native tongue. They also had a visiting doctor from Germany who ended up giving me about 40 minutes of treatment. I couldn’t understand what he was saying to me, except of course I could point to the area of pain. He applied a white LED-screened device to my knee and he would say OK? OK? and I would smile and nod. The device chattered and whirred and needled me a bit. There were incomprehensible charts on the projector and I sat, receiving treatment saying OK OK and wondered what all of this was about. At the end of my treatment and the slides, I said thank you and attempted to gently use my knee/leg. Much to my amazement and pleasure, my pain had diminished my 85 % and I walked out of the building on my own two feet, only using the crutches for balance and reassurance!

    The next day I was much better still and drove home without a problem. Upon my arrival home my husband was amazed to see how well I was doing and three days later in the doctor’s office, the doctor couldn’t find any pain or reason to get an MRI! He was confused how something so bad could suddenly be so good. I went to the gym and exercised again two days later…thanks to SCENAR!

    STORY #2

    I had just purchased and received a bit of training for my EX735Ag and had arrived home at 8:00 pm. I slept a good night’s sleep and at 7:35 AM the very next morning my husband called and said that David, one of our employees, a 31 year old young man and someone I have known since he was 4, had hurt his back and could I drive all the way across town and give him a treatment right away so that he could feel better?!

    I had an appointment for personal training at 10:00 AM, so I needed to get right on this. I carefully placed my brand new device into my car, with the attendant paperwork and charged out to David’s home. I got there at about 8:30. I asked him where, how bad, what’s it like kind of questions. It turns out he had wrenched his back and was severely affected in his gluteus area, necessitating that he use his hands to push up to get up and to move very gingerly. He rated his pain at 8. I then proceeded to give him a three pathways treatment, intending to treat the dermatome near the area of pain.

    We were seven minutes treating the highest readings when David started sighing and saying, “Ooo, I feel woozy, a little light headed and nauseous” . I told him to keep breathing and to really lean over the desk he was near, in case he passed out, while I kept a reassuring hand on his back. I was telling him we had released toxins and that soon his liver would filter them out and he would feel a lot better. He was really uncomfortable and breathing raggedly…now remember, that this is my FIRST treatment with a friend and I am freaking out a little bit. SCENAR trouper that I am, he didn’t know. I hoped he would feel better. I decided that I would just let this final place dose and the dose was stuck at D65…until he asked could we please stop with the device and let him go to the couch. I said sure and put the device back in its case, depositing it in a very safe place, all the while keeping my hand on his back. I said, no you don’t need to be up walking even to the couch when you feel that you could pass out. Please just keep breathing deeply. He did this for about a minute and said, “There I feel adequately better, I can definitely make it to the couch now.” When he turned around and got up he was so gray and ashen in color, I was shocked. He made it to the couch and just plopped down, and continued deep breathing. I got him some water. He drank it and soon sat up, visibly pinker and said, ” Wow, that’s a lot better!

    He started to just get up off the couch in a regular and not guarded and painful fashion, and when I pointed this out, he was amazed. Grinning, he swiveled his hips, a move of which he had been incapable earlier. I stayed with him a few more minutes until he and I agreed he was fine. At this time, he rated his pain at stiffness, maybe a 1. So incredibly pleased, relieved and surprised, I packed up my stuff, advised him to rest, drink a lot of water and left and made it to my exercise at 10:00 AM! Later in the day, my husband had a question for David and was pleased to hear he was remarkably better, using his body without pain and getting on with his day. The next day he called me and said that he was cured and that I didn’t need to do a followup appointment as we had scheduled, and he wondered about a little residual nausea…water and rest I said, and now he is fit and happy and thankful!

  28. Tom Bearden

    Dear Dr. Irina,

    Thank you very much for your patience and interest.

    This morning I had another typical uplifting experience with the beautiful scenar-cosmodic. For some reason, my body was aching tremendously when I awoke, and I was in very strong pain (knees, lower legs, back, neck, both shoulders, etc.). So rather than suffering with that, my first action upon awaking was to do a complete treatment with the scenar-cosmodic.

    The interesting thing was that the device absolutely sensed that my greatest problem was one of fierce pain. So it set itself on scenar mode, for heavy pain relief — and would not switch to cosmodic mode because its sensors detected that I simply had to have pain relief.

    And so that is what it generated and what occurred! I treated all those extremely painful parts and places with it, and when I finished an hour later I WAS ALMOST COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! That is rather astounding, and so I was able to then get up and face the day and get working a bit — whereas, without the scenar treatment and its efficacy, I would not have been functional today!

    As you can see, I’m delighted with the scenar-cosmodic, and it is giving me great service and benefit. My only wish is to have an increase also in the cosmodic aspect (healing aspect) of it, according to the explanation and understanding of its application of Dirac sea vacuum tickling that I prepared and previously furnished.

  29. Pete & Dolores Munzell

    It is always a blessing when you can help people who are truly suffering, some from physical illnesses but also those that suffer from mental and emotional issues. Below is an experience that really touched our hearts. I spoke to a wife and mother who purchased a 715 Cosmodic Scenar and later a Solaris Healing Blanket for her family.

    She purchased these two items because her husband (and two sons) suffered from serious depression. She took this action because it was a potential life-threatening situation. Her husband’s father and uncle had committed suicide, depression “they say ran in the family.” This was a very frightening situation for any family to cope with, much less live with on a day to day basis.

    Below is just a short excerpt of her email:

    “We are doing great. My husband is doing much better. We use the Scenar (715 Cosmodic) and the blanket all the time and view them as two of our best investments. Thank you for checking on us.”

    I relate this experience in the hope that it might help others in a similar situation. It is helpful for people to know that if they cannot afford the 715 Cosmodic, the Dove is also beneficial in helping with depression and yet it is more affordable for the average family. So no matter what a family’s circumstances are, there is help available as long as you know where to turn.

    Drugs will always be available through health insurance and government programs, so remember the choice is still yours. Please find comfort in knowing that there are other options available that can help you and your families.

    Thank you Dr Irina for pioneering a path that others can follow and pass on to their loved ones who have suffered with serious health issues, These options that conventional medicine has no clue about can give people the hope that they need to go on fighting yet another day!

    Pete & Dolores Munzell
    [email protected]
    “Let’s Put an End to Cancer” book

  30. Anneke Shenkin

    STORY #1

    I went to a client’s house (who is a retired doctor) to give her her weekly massage. When I got there she asked me if her face looked funny. I told her that it looked as if the muscles on the right side of her face were drooping. She explained that she had a bout of bells palsy a while back and was afraid it had returned. when she tried to smile she had no movement on the right side of her face. It was completely paralyzed!

    I suggested we try a treatment with my dove rather than the scheduled massage. The results were amazing. With in one treatment there was a noticable improvement in muscle tone and she had a very minimal movement. We decided she would received a dove treatment daily until her condition improved.With each treatment there was an improved progress from the prior treatment given. After approximately 7 days the bells palsey was gone. This was amazing because her first episode with bells palsy lasted months and when she went to her doctor he said nothing could be done and she would just have to wait it out. She was so impressed that she purchased her very own dove device.

    STORY #2

    P, a very obese lady had been medically diagnosed with fibromyalgia and carpel tunnel syndrome. She presented with severe pain in her arms, wrists, hands, knees and back and neck. The pain kept her awake at night and she was unable to use the computer keyboard due to the excruciating pain.

    Treating the back of her neck with the device resulted in greatly reduced pain in her wrists and hands lessening after each treatment and she was able to use the computer again. Using the Dove on her knees has helped the pain and with encouragement and practical support she is now losing weight. She said thank you so much, you have changed my life!

    She has purchased her own device for ongoing relief. She is finding it invaluable and refers other pain sufferers for treatments.

  31. Margaret Butler

    Our best teacher for our client’s is often the pain we experience in our own body. This is my case.

    Hiking this past summer in the High Sierra Camps for 7 days, I encountered Plantar Faciatis in training and then inflamed left knee 3 days into the hike going downhill , from a old previous ski injury. I completed the hike but returned with my new companions chronic low grade pain just enough to make you want to get off your feet ….

    The pain & inconvenience was enough to make me look for another solution. I had been doing the foot exercise ,used the arches for shoe inserts and heel pads as well as RICE …. I had been talking with a dear friend an MT as well.. I said someplace in the future there will be a chamber we can enter which will match our own frequency like our own DNA and harmonize with it. There inside we will be surrounded by the color of light that matches our frequency &will also bathe our body at the same time , while also playing soothing music so our cells will float in harmony. A seesion will leave you relaxed rejuvinated , healing in progression .

    But I digress … however it was this thought that led me to SCENAR which I had not heard of… Funny by chance I was going to attend a conference on a homeopathic product which had a thing called SCENAR… I started investigating , who, what, when ,where ,why…. More questions I attended the conference . Saw my first SCENAR, experienced it ,as one of the articles stated, there are many different types all will get you there but other models are older in version . LET is on the frontier physical & spirtual.

    I ordered it for my pain. The first weekend I had it I used it on my left knee with aches medially . I gave myself a 20 minute treatment. I was shocked after the treatment the aches and pain had subsided. . . No knee pain the rest of the day . The next morning I treated my foot , the aches again subsided but later in the day up and down stairs I needed another treatment . I gave myself another 20 minute treatment before going to sleep .

    I have been doing treatments on myself for the last 4 weeks . The knee pain is almost non existent . I am on my feet all day so my SCENAR is my treat at the end of a day …. I have completed all the DVD’s and want to have a neat little handbook on the Zone’s of treatment DR. Irena speaks of . I am also interested in using the Q1000 laser and Dove in my practice .

  32. Esther Shelly

    This story is a little silly, but you asked!

    I was doing little wings on my son, who was having arm/shoulder pain after Tai Kwondo, and my husband was watching us as my son’s shoulder jerked to his ear and back down again. He said, can you make him slap himself in the face?

    Silly, but it’s now one of our family quotes: “Let’s see if I can make you slap yourself in the face, or Get mom to make you slap yourself. It’ll make you feel better!”

  33. STORY #1

    In February I decided to have cataracts removed. I had been severely nearsighted since age 11. Vision qualified for legally blind status without glasses. Intraocular lenses were prescription lenses that corrected the nearsightedness about 90%.

    Due to insurance issues both eyes were done within 3 days of each other. First surgery was Tues and second surgery was Thursday. On Friday I had a post op check. The post op checking doctor looked into my eyes without looking at the chart said, “So, what are you, about three weeks post op?” I replied, “No, I had surgery on Tuesday and Thursday of this week.”

    He was very surprised and asked me what I had done to get this much healing this quickly. After surgery on each eye I did C-Dove around the orbits of each eye at locations about 12 o’clock 2 o’clock, 6 o’clock and 9 o’clock. Then I shinned the Q1000 in each eye for about a minute and around the eye as well. In addition I had been taking Life Zone (LifeZone.com) chelated minerals which essentially really do improve conductivity within the body and I believe these were very helpful in enhancing the healing process. I also took extra large doses of Vitamin C.

    It is now months later and I can see without my glasses for the first time in 50 years! I can see the stars. I still wear glasses due to the need for a prism to correct the plane of the vision. I wonder if this would improve if I continued treatment now?

    STORY #2

    Janna has a bipolar illness that is atypical and she reacts horribly to medications and cannot take them. She was forced into using whatever alternative methods would work.

    One day she came in and had been manic for several days and was feeling like she would go over the edge and do something really crazy. We used the pRosh (www.Roshi.com) and then dosed the top and bottom of her spine with the C-Dove. It worked!!!!

    We did this process on another occasion when she was feeling very depressed and low and unable to cope. Dosing the top and bottom of the spine and using the pRoshi stabilized her mood. She also uses nutritional supplements along the line of Dr Abraham Hoffer’s work described in the book: Healing Schizophrenia and on the website: http://www.orthomolecular.org.

    There are simple strategies that work quite well when the person is coached to helped to habituate to a nutritional path. Gluten and casein as well as sugar are also often problematic with people who have classic bipolar disorder and this is the neuro presentation that rarely is recognized by mainstream physicians and almost never by psychiatrists. There is hope and a must read besides Hoffer’s work is that of Robert Whitaker.

    STORY #3

    My Niece was having chest pain and arrhythmia. She was very uncomfortable and feeling weak and tired. Her doctor had seen her and set her up for a cardiology evaluation many days away.

    Meantime her brother’s graduation was at hand and she hurried to my place and we took off in her car to the graduation. She told me of her heart problem and the pain. I took out my scenar (the old 97.4+) and set it on “dosing” and told her to put it on her chest. Initially it stung her and she hollered, “Damn, Auntie, is this your cattle prod?!” She followed through when I lowered the power and put it back on her sternum as she drove down the canyon.

    In just a few minutes her chest pain was gone and she felt like the rhythm had stabilized. She was very happy because she is a runner and weight lifter and had been put on the sidelines. She has had no further problems at all and for the workup they found no problems at all, no EKG abnormalities, nothing. She resumed her running and joy of being very active.

    Dr. Marie Green (DSW/LCSW/Biofeedback Specialist/Pain Mgmt Specialist)
    [email protected]
    Ogden, Utah

  34. STORY #1

    Matty is a champion soccer player and played a key position on her team. In the finals she suffered a badly sprained ankle that was swelled to twice its normal size and it was black, blue and purple. She was in a lot of pain and her foot was on ice. She was however in more agony to miss the next games that would bring the team the chance of winning the series. She would be out two weeks and this devastated her.

    I went to work with the 97.4+ and painted the ankle and foot areas until the color started to return to a more normal appearance. I was astounded to see before my eyes that the swelling was going down down down. It was very surprising to me. I continued and the color reduced from the bright purple, blue, black and yellow to muted colors and seemed as if the foot was indeed being restored. When I finished the swelling had reduce by 70%; the discoloration had reduced by 50% and pain reduced by 95%. Best of all Matty was only out of play for two days instead of two weeks!!

    STORY #2

    Sally came in after a botched surgery to her bowel had nicked her sciatic nerve. She had been in excruciating pain for two months. She was referred to me by a nutritionist who has had great results with neuromuscular symptoms from Lyme Disease. Sally had been put on Dilauded for the pain because nothing else worked.

    We worked using the Ex735ag, the C-Dove and the Q1000 Laser. Her pain was off the charts and she was willing to try anything because she could not relief in mainstream medicine except to drug herself up with the heavy narcotic that destroyed her ability to interact appropriately with her family. She could only lay around and suffer.

    Using the Scenar, Cosmodic and Laser work was done dosing along the nerve from the spine outward and down the leg. Working along the length of the nerve she was able to get feeling back into her foot and toes. The pain in her calf and thigh were also reduced with each treatment. She came three times a week initially and obtained relief with each session. She was already using the chelated minerals which I believe help tremendously in assisting the body’s conduction along nerves and speeds healing.

    Essentially she was relieved of her pain and agony and was off pain medications and had normal feeling in her foot clear up to the back where the sciatic nerve exits to the leg.

    STORY #3. TERRY’s constipation.

    Terry is a retired nurse who has been hooked on pharmaceutical drugs, especially Lortab and Xanax. She came into the office one day to get help with her high unrelenting anxiety and complained of misery with constipation. I said, “Oh, we can get that cleared up.” She was surprised that it would be possible.

    Working on the belly was easy and on the back spinal nerve roots that control the stomach. It took only about 10 minutes to do the work dosing the back and the belly with the C-Dove. In about 10 minutes Terry excused herself and went to the bathroom. She came out with a great smile on her face and reported that she felt so good to be so cleaned out!

    A similar thing happened with Sherma, a 68 year old with Parkinson’s Disease. She was so bound up with constipation secondary to her medications and she was miserable. I painted her belly with the Scenar and dosed the spinal nerve roots along the back during a home visit. I left her home then. She called me about 20 minutes later and she was laughing and teling me that she had gotten rid of all the plugged up stuff that had been there for over a week. She was very relieved.

    STORY #4

    Jenny had a sweet little black Scotty dog who was attached by a big dog and was torn through the skin on the back, abdomen, neck and thighs. Its a wonder the little dog survived this horrible trauma. Jenny was devastated but the little dog trusted her and she did not know how to help.

    I had done some Scenar on Jenny’s low back pain and she asked if the Scenar could help with wounds. I told her it could. The dog had drains out of every wound so it was a little tricky but we commenced. She held the dog and talked with her to keep her calm. The dog cooperated as if she knew it would help her feel better. As we worked the dog relaxed more and more and I know it was due to the pain reducing.

    The wounds were treated one by one with the hair electrode of the 97.4+. I showed Jenny how to do the treatment and how to do the settings on the machine. She treated the dog several times a day for about three days and took the dog back to the vet. The vet was absolutely amazed that there was no infection, swelling, not pain and the wounds were nearly healed and the drain tubes had fallen out or the dog had pulled them out.

    STORY #5.

    Another DOG story. Cucamunga is a 10 year old toy poodle with bad allergies, ear aches and belly aches. Probably a bad case of gut dysbiosis. I’ve treated him several times for belly aches and ear aches and it gets him out of pain and he can smile again. When we do this his swollen belly goes back to normal size too.

  35. Vicki Rausch

    My story took place a month ago when I was attending a workshop in the Dominican Republic about another healing technology. I had been experiencing extremely uncomfortable lower back pain for a week an a half and, uncharacteristically, it was getting worse, not better.

    One of the other workshop attendees offered to use SCENAR (RitmScenar to be specific) on my back. Before the first session, pain was 6 on a scale of 10–after the first session, pain was reduced to about 4 and after the second session (one day later) pain was totally gone. I immediately began searching for information and of course have been amazed by the journey of discovery I have been on since!!!

    The journey to finding true SCENAR is not always a straight path…and there are many websites and much reading…and it has ALL been beyond satisfying…all of my 67-year-old cells are jumping for joy at the discovery. I have been studying healing technologies intensely for the past six years…it is a journey that has transformed my world view about almost everything…finding SCENAR and COSMODIC is really the ultimate…it is a huge piece of what I have been searching for.

    As important as the equipment are the wonderful stories (and Dr. Irina’s articles) of the dedicated people who have the vision and have been working (yes, and the spirit of play is alive and well in this community too!) to develop this wonderful technology. So much suffering is and will be relieved. I am happy to be here…and I anticipate reporting much more in the future.

  36. Yvonne Duurloo

    STORY #1

    I have a chronic neck condition due to 4 prolapsed discs C4-C7. Sometimes my throat goes into spasm and I can start choking. The most dramatic story was when I visited the local Mall and bought a Rice cake. I choked on the sticky rice and could not clear it at all.It was stuck in my throat. I got myself back to my car as I knew I had a drink of water there. I took a sip and this also was stuck in my throat. I started to feel faint and dizzy and was totally unable to clear the blockage.

    Then I remembered Dove was in my handbag, so took it and turned the power up as far as I could bear, almost bee sting level and applied it to my throat and also did the bib zone. Within 2 minutes I was able to cough up the rice and WATER and my breathing resumed normally. To me this was a miracle as I am sure that had Dove not been on my person I could have choked. There was no way I could have rung an ambulance as I was unable to talk.

    STORY #2

    I was new to the technology and had just purchased a scenar device being an Enar. I was traveling home from the north of the South Island and I stopped to have a paddle in the sea on the Kaikoura coast as it was a very hot day. I got bitten by a mozzie and after a few minutes it had swollen up and was very itchy.

    I had heard that Scenar was ok for insect bites so I tried it out. I was unsure what frequency to use or power strength so I turned it up to a high level and Freq 320 and applied it to the sting which was by now red and swollen. I used it on the bite for about 5 minutes. Then I traveled on for about 30 minutes and stopped and applied it again. Within 20minutes into my journey I noticed it wasn’t itchy any more and it had decreased in redness. By the time I reached home after a 2 hour jorurney, there was no sign of the bite. It was totally amazing and i just could not believe it.

    Since then I have applied Scenar, Dove to the bites on myself and children and had the same amazing effect. One kid was leaping around complaining he had been bitten, so I applied Dove and made him hold it on there for 5 mins. He too had no more trouble and he was just amazed as well. I continue to use Dove on any insect bite or sting usually with instant effect.

    STORY #3

    I was at a meeting one cold night and a member of the group took an asthma attack. He was starting to turn blue when I found him outside trying to breathe. I asked if I could use Dove and he agreed, so we returned to the warm room and I used Dove on his collar zone, bib zone,throat(pirogov ring) and also SUJok on his hands at the lung point.

    After 20 mins he was breathing again normally. He was so surprised and so was I as I did not think it would work so quickly. He told me he went home an dslept for 8 hours, a thing he niover does. I did several followup treatments and when I see him now at his home and he is in need of a treatment i give it to him. I did do followups of the 3+6 as well. I am trying to convince him to own a device for himself.

  37. Donald Harris

    I was giving a demonstration of my therapies to a church group of deacons. I was showing and demonstrating such therapies as biofeedback and the Ionic Foot Detox. One of the deacons raised his hand and said, “Do you have any thing for frozen shoulder or chronic shoulder pain?”.

    The deacon had suffered from what he believed to be a hereditary shoulder condition. He said that he had been suffering from this condition for over ten (10) years; and that his dad and grandfather had suffered from the same condition. He continued saying that every time he raised his arm to a certain height he would experience this extreme pain in his left shoulder. He had experienced many other therapies such as deep tissue massage, acupuncture, heat treatments, electric shock treatments, and other treatments he can’t remember, but the pain always came back. His doctor wanted to give him cortizon shoots and pills. He did not want the cortizon medication because of the side effects of affecting his liver, kidneys, and sex drive.

    I took out the D.O.V.E. and asked his permission to treat him. He readily gave permission. I treated him in accordance with Dr. Irina’s instructions on the MediSCEN DVD for about 20 minutes. I gave him a good SCENAR treatment around the left shoulder and then dosed him in several areas that included the front, side and back of his shoulder.

    Well, to make a long story short, he went to his doctor telling his doctor that he had been healed. His doctor smiled and said that the cortizon medication had done the trick. The deacon told his doctor that it wasn’t the cortizon medication, but a treatment he had received from a church friend who came to the church and gave him a treatment; and that the doctor’s treatment had absolutely nothing to do with completely healing his condition. When his doctor asked him how, he said that his friend took out a “cell phone” like device and rubbed his shoulder with it.

    He said that the pain has completely gone away and that he can lift his left arm to get things from the upper shelves of his business now. He said that his doctor was completely puzzled. I received a thank you card with $100 dollar bill in it. The deacon quickly spread the word throughout the church because God had finally answered his prayers for over 10 years.

  38. Ruth Siegel

    Story #1

    At the warehouse where I rent storage space, I met a young man who told me that he had been disabled with chronic pain for more than 20 years. His pain was intense and chronic with no relief from any other exercise, treatment or therapy. I shared my fibromyalgia story with him and told him about the scenar and the Q100. I invited him to come to my home for DOVE and Q1000 sessions.

    I heard nothing from him for 2 weeks. Then he called and came to my home. I showed him how to self-treat with the DOVE. Almost immediately he knew how to “flip” the switch and adjust the intensity level to receive instantaneous relief. He continued to come to my home a few times a week. Remember, his hip pain was from an injury that occurred 20 years ago. The injury kept him from sitting, working, attending college, and sleeping, to name a few. His chronic pain was, in part, responsible for the breakup of his marriage.

    His first treatment gave him IMMEDIATE relief, but lasted a short amount of time (a week or so). He was not waiting for his pain to come back; he came to my house a few times a week for three months. (He used the DOVE while actively doing computer diagnostics on my computer!) His relief was so deep and long-lasting that after two months he bought a DOVE and used it as needed.

    He is now successfully attending American University and getting top grades. He is so busy and successful with his studies that I rarely see him now. His mother started using the DOVE for her arthritis and is experiencing quick pain relief. (His experience with the DOVE was so profound that we never got to use the Q1000!) This spring I attended a surprise 40th birthday party for him and his twin brother. He was happy, beaming and still pain-free! He was there with a date, was smiling and was a “new person!” How can you argue with success?

    Story #2

    I use the DOVE regularly for my fibromyalgia pain. Each time I use the DOVE, my understanding of how to use it becomes more clear, i.e., dosing, referred pain, treating pain pathways, intuitive use. I am able to walk while on vacation and enjoy sightseeing in Northern New Mexico, where we go regularly since we plan to relocate to NM from MD in a few years.

    While my pain still recurs, using the DOVE helps me to function more effectively on a regular basis; I have more energy. I keep my DOVE beside me in bed to use as needed and carry it with me while sightseeing. I have purchased walking sticks to take pressure off of my lower back: http://www.trekkingpolesdirect.com/. Between the DOVE and the walking sticks I enjoy vacations now and do not have to stay in bed most of the trip.

    Ruth Siegel
    Silver Spring MD

  39. Tom Keating

    STORY #1

    I was introduced to Scenar Therapy when my wife was having problems with a damaged knee – both cartilage and ligament damage. She was discharged by her specialist who said “I can’t operate and if you are lucky time may heal it, Maybe if you lost some weight it would help”. That same day we had an appointment with Mark Batten, a local therapist, who started treating the knee with scenar. My wife had limped into his rooms and she walked out. After about 4 days she started limping again and had another treatment and resumed walking without limping. It took several sessions to get it right and we decided we would buy our own DOVE. Today she is completely free of knee problems and has not needed to treat it for several months.

    STORY #2

    Location – Carterton, New Zealand. At a social function an elderly (80+) friend complained that she was having trouble with her shoulder and couldn’t raise her arms high enough to hang her washing. I suggested that Scenar may help and was told that a lot of her trouble was because of child-hood polio and her shoulder was “a mush”. She agreed to try out our treatment and the day after her first visit she telephoned to say she had just finished hanging out her washing – something she hadn’t been able to do for a long time. She was amazed and delighted, as well as being convinced of Scenar’s usefulness. She had several treatments after that all with a degree of success but then her general health deteriorated and she was fitted with a pacemaker and needed closer professional scrutiny and help so she discontinued the treatment.

    STORY #3

    Location – Carterton, New Zealand. Approximately two years ago. My daughter-in-law telephoned to ask if I could treat her back. She had had trouble getting out of bed and could barely walk. This was the first occurrence of this problem. When I saw her she was bent over and was having trouble standing and walking. She sat on a stool and I treated her, firstly her lower back then up her spine and around the neck. The treatment had been going for some time – over an hour – when suddenly she said “I’m thirsty!!”; she stood up and went to the kitchen tap for water. Then she said “My God! It’s gone” and has not needed another treatment.

  40. Victoria Fugit

    STORY #1

    I borrowed a friends C-DOVE because I was at the end of my rope and couldn’t see how I could keep going. The tops of my feet and ankles felt like the bones were broken and then burned. The pain was so bad that my chiropractor was unable to even touch let alone treat them. I had taken anti-inflammatories, done exercises etc. and they just got worse. On top of that, after radiation “therapy”, The bones supporting my teeth were receding and teeth were scheduled to be pulled. My digestion was awful also since “therapy” and bowel and urinary function was not normal. My general outlook was dismal and even meditation was difficult.

    I worked on myself 2xs a day for about 4 days and eliminated the pain and was once again able to walk my dog. THe bowel and urinary problems lessened considerably. I don’t yet know for certain about the teeth, as I haven’t returned to the dentist. The mental gloom and inability to focus has lifted and I am once again painting and functioning at about 80% capacity instead of 25%. I am so grateful for this technology. I had heard about it 30 years ago, but was never able to find it, until Marie Green told me about it and shared her machine with me.

    Thank you for all you are doing to make this technology available on a wider scale. The best marketing really is friend to friend and sharing experiences.

    STORY #2

    While outside putting the garden to bed for the winter, I tripped over my dog’s leash which was pulled taught from both ends. I went down hard on a concrete patio on both knees, both hands and an elbow. I thought i had broken my knee caps and possibly my wrist. The pain was so great that I couldn’t get up and just layed there and cried until a friend came by and helped me inside.

    The first thing I did was take Perelandra’s Emergency Trauma Solution, so I could think of what do next. I used the C-DOVE on both knees,both hands, wrists and elbow, then slept for 2 hours. When I woke up there was NO pain–NOTHING!! The next day there was some stiffness in my upper arms — used the C-DOVE on them for maybe 5 minutes and —GONE!

    It’s been a week and it’s as if I never fell. I’m amazed and want everyone in the world to have access to this technology. We could break the hold of the AMA and Big Pharma and take the responsibility for our health back. Thank you , more than I can say. I can hardly wait to get my own Cosmodic device and blanket.

  41. George Barkett

    I always take the Scenar with me whenever I travel. in the summer of 2005, after fishing on the Karluk River on Kodiak Island in Alaska with a group of men all day, one of the men complained of a very acute severe pain in his right arm and shoulder. He was afraid that he would not be able to fish anymore. I told him that I had an electrical device, called a scenar, which in many cases is very effective in reducing pain. I put the settings on FM-VAR at the level that he could barely feel and applied scenar to the areas of the most sensitivity. After about five minutes he started feeling a little better and I let him move the scenar around the painful areas. After about 30 minutes his pain was reduced considerably and within 1 hour it was almost totally gone. He was able to fish the next day and for the rest of the week without any further problems. He was certainly a happy fisherman because the Scenar saved his fishing trip.

    In September 2008, were vacationing in Vermont. After a active day of sightseeing and touring we were delighted to settle down for the night for some much needed rest. The; next morning when I woke up, my lower back was killing me. On a Scale of 1-10 it was a 10+. We were scheduled to drive about 150 miles that day and I sure was not looking forward to it. I had brought some transdermal pads that I could attach to the tennant biomodulator. I placed these on my back and put it on a continuous mode. After about three hours the pain was completely gone.

  42. Howard Gimber

    I have been involved in Scenar training here in the uk since the 97.4 was introduced by Philip barker and training by Zulia Frost and other eminent Russian practitioners, and yes on our classes I have had six 97.4 on my body at the same time, and of course the Russians like it
    all on full power… Ouch! Lol

    I sold my trusty 97.4 on e- bay and purchased a Cosmodic 705 and a Dove device. Interestingly I always had a sympathetic reaction on the people I treated ie if I had treated a friend with a bad arm, my arm would hurt in the same place, so now whenever I can, I give the cosmodic or dove to the individual to work on themselves, although I don’t think the new devices have this symptom carry over problem.

    Now for a useful story for your testimonial link. A friend of mine has a cat who was in collision with a car, resulting in loss of sight in one eye, broken jaw in two places and general lassitude afterwards. She took the cat to the vet straight away and the vet gave a 50/50 chance of recovery for a good quality of life. None of the internal organs were damaged.

    She took the cat home after the vet had given her instructions for feeding the cat through a tube into the stomach and the cat just stayed in one spot like a statue barely breathing. She was told the cat would need feeding this way for two weeks and would need regular painkillers.

    I offered the cosmodic to her on the second day, which she accepted.
    Remarkably on the second day after the accident, she stroked the cat with the Cosmodic for about five minutes and that was the only treatment.

    Within the hour, the cat was up and playing and a short while later was feeding itself . The tube was taken out the next day, and since that time the cat has healed nicely and it’s non seeing eye looks like a beautiful opal, irridescant and healthy. It has caught a few birds
    since the accident and is hugely cuddly and vigourous.

    All this with one five minute treatment !! and no dose !

    Howard ( from uk)

  43. Steffi Ray

    Here is my story about my love affair with my machines. I hope this is what you are looking for. Feel free to let me know if you want this changed. I hope my story helps others:

    I began a love affair with my Q1000 and scenar three years ago. I had smashed up my shoulder, had surgery to rebuild it with cadaver bones, metal plates, screws, pins, etc. Two months after surgery, I was still in agony every time I moved and getting mighty depressed, feeling that my life was over, fearing I would never even be able to return to work. The pain zapped all my energy. My friends and family were very worried about me, and so was I.

    Then a miracle happened. A friend of a friend was in town and brought over her Q1000. I used it for about an hour the first day and then for ½ hour the next day, then she had to leave. I cannot even begin to describe what happened to me. Using it on #1 mode took away the intensity of my pain. I alternated with #1 and #3, as she only had 3 modes on hers. After the first day, I had so much energy that I was bouncing around. I could sense the joy in my cells! I knocked on my neighbors’ doors so they could see me, and they were astounded!! They were shocked at the transformation in me.

    I immediately went to the internet to research this machine and I came across the web site of Dr. David. I picked up the phone and called him. He had one shipped to me and within a week I had my own “miracle machine.”

    I was having trouble getting my bones to grow also and the surgeon kept telling me I would need more surgery or the screws would break off and I’d really be in trouble needing emergency surgery. I wasn’t agreeing to it. What saved me was the Q1000, 715, and the blanket from Russia. It took more months, but finally my bones did start to grow and I have not needed more surgery.

    I have since found so many uses for the Q1000. I have an elderly dog with severe arthritis and when I used it on her after just one treatment I was able to throw away her pain pills and arthritis medicine. I give her a treatment twice a week. She had been walking on 3 legs before we started using the Q1000. My skin from the 715 is looking great and people are surprised to hear how old I really am. Of course, I don’t tell too many people my real age!

    I love to share and have had so much success helping people with all kinds of ailments and pains from releasing frozen shoulders to healing tennis elbow to insomnia to an uplifting sense of well-being for a friend with cancer.

    I am so grateful for Dr. David and Dr. Irena for their support and knowledge.

    Steffi Ray
    Orlando, Florida

  44. Charlene Penny

    Hi Dr. Irina,
    A friend of ours slipped on a wet rock and threw up his arms to catch his balance and threw out his shoulder. He was unable to raise his arm at all. Two days later we used the 715 on him doing the 3 points and the points of pain on his shoulder and arm. He was 50% better when he left. We did one more treatment 2 days later. He felt so good afterward that he went home and painted a bedroom the next day which was not a good idea. Two days later we saw him again and he could not lift his arm to put on his shirt. So we worked on him again and by the time he left he was able to put on his shirt and button it. This time he did not go home and paint. It is now a month later and he has no pain and no restrictions on using his arm.

  45. Sandra Seiler

    Hi Dr Irina,
    Here are a few of my personal Scenar testimonies:

    1. A friend of mine called to say that she had pulled a couple ribs out while doing her painting job. I had just received my Dove, so she came over and I worked on her areas of pain and down her spine. She called me later that evening to say that there was no more pain and the ribs were fine.

    2. I had fallen off my bike this spring onto our crushed cement driveway. I had injured my elbow and knee. I could hardly walk without pain. I started by putting an ice pack on the elbow and knee. I then used my Dove on the pain until I found relief. The next morning, there was no more pain. Only a few scrapes and a bruise on my hip that I didn’t notice. Or I would have used the Dove on the hip too!

    3. My husband & I had moved some heavy furniture I had bought from an auction. My hip went out and I could hardly walk. I couldn’t make it upstairs to the bedroom at night, so I slept on the couch downstairs and put the Dove on my hip that night. I could hardly sleep due to the pain, but I ended up falling a sleep with the Dove on. The next morning, no more pain! I couldn’t even tell that I had hurt myself!

    4, I was at a party recently and was talking to a lady that had hip pain for many months. She had been going to specialists, but they were unable to help. We used the Dove on her hip for about 20 mins. She then stood up and said “You won’t believe it, but the pain is gone!”

    5. My dad had bad knees and was unable to play golf anymore. His doctor put him on Glucosamine Chondroitin and had him use capsicum crème for the pain. I had used my 94.5 scenar on one of his knees to see how it would do. He drove to my place the following week and wanted me to “fix” his other knee. He said that he had pain in one knee, but not the one that I had worked on. So, I worked on his other knee. He has been pain free for several years now.

    6. A friend of mine fell down a flight of stairs. She came to me a few weeks later to say that she still was in pain from the fall. I worked on her spine with the 97.4 Scenar. She reported that there was no more pain the following day. I talked to her the other day and she did not have pain for over a year, but does have some shoulder, neck, arm pain now and would like to come and see me again. I will try the Dove on her this time.

    7. I used it on several of my friends that have neck pain or stiff neck. It has worked wonders for that!

  46. I am an NMD and SCENAR Therapist from Barcelona, Spain and I discovered this wonderful technology some years ago by chance. Now I owe several SCENAR and COSMODIC units, (SCENAR NT2, DOVE, PS705 and an Ex735AG Modific), which I use in my practice almost every day, together with my Low Level Laser Unit.

    Let me start with an easy case:
    1) Lady of 69 years of age, physician, coming to see me due to a terribly painful stiff neck. Unable to move her head, she suspects a viral meningitis, but not all symptoms seem to match. She took anti inflamatory drugs and pain killers with no results.
    After assesing her case, I began with the Collar Zone protocol with my Cosmodic Ex735Ag. Within 8:43 minutes she began to move her neck from right to left with no discomfort, though she still had some pain when moving her head up and down. I looked for the reactive points and applied some laser to the Cranial Reflex Areas. 3:35 minutes later she was perfectly OK. I treated her twice more, (yesterday she had a small relapse), and she reported no pain at all and a feeling of deep pleasant relaxation.

    2) Lady in her 60s with terrible contracture in her right trapezius muscle and intense pain in her right hand due to a severe rizo arthrosis. I treated her assymetries in her shoulder area, (both shoulders actually), and dealt with her hand just on the most painful spots. I used my Dove unit in this case. The whole treatment lastes some 40 minutes, after which she could turn her head in both directions totally pain free and she shook my hand with great strength and no pain.

    3) A lady 39 years old came to my practice and asked me if I could help her hemorrhages due to a miscarriage she had two days before. At the Hospital they told her she might bleed and have a mild pain in her gynecological area, but she reported a more than mild pain and bleeding.
    I used Flower Essences to treat her emotional turmoil and to “remove the trees in front of her and let her see the whole forest”. Then I began my Cosmodic/Low Level Laser treatment by working on her Palm/Abdominal Area, her Collar Zone and, in a further treatment, her Chakra Balance.
    She immediately flet better, with no bleeding, (she phoned me later on during the day), and no pain. She also mentioned that her emotions were fully under control and she wanted to try to have a baby as soon as possible.

    But not all cases are successful:

    4)Man aged 46 with a cervical titanium fixation in C5 and C6 and surgery to remove the osteocytes from a protruded disc in his lumbar region.
    As he lived over 1000 km from my city I suggested him to visit another SCENAR therapist in the area, but he insisted in having me there for a whole weekend treatment.
    We worked with all the protocols, algorithms an inspiration that our sould could imagine, but after 2 treatment per day x 2 days, all I could improve was the sense of frailty in his cervical region, making it more stable, improving the “spasms in his arms” in 0’5%, (in his own words), and giving him a slight sense of hope.
    The day after I left he travelled to Portugal to receive a 2 weeks SCENAR treatment, with no results either.

    All this is just to say that sometimes you win, but some others you don’t, (the good thing is that you usually end up winning more times than you lose).

  47. This is about a 67 year old woman with high blood pressure. Her blood pressure has been extremely high. At one point in October, doctors would not let her leave the health clinic – the doctor told her he has had people drop dead right in front of him with b.p. as high as hers. Her blood pressure has been averaging 196/114, 186/114. On November 11, 2010, I treated her for approximately 20 minutes with the Ex735ag. I utilized the 3 pathways on the back – doing about 5 cycles for each pathway, and then we let the device dose at the thymus. (We also included use of the Q1000 using mode 2 on the heart). That was all we had the time for. Her blood pressure dropped considerably that evening to 120/80 and even 3 days later her b.p. was at 113/78. On November 25, I received a message that said, “hello, what did u do to me? Bp right now is 101/63”. I find this to be very encouraging and would love to see what continued use could do for keeping her blood pressure down. Unfortunately this relative of mine lives 7 hours away and does not have to funds to purchase a device. But good news none-the-less!
    Leah Diller, CMT

  48. Margaret Hampton

    I had a freak accident in June 2009 which my surgeon described as tearing, straining, or otherwise damaging every tendon, ligament, nerve and muscle from the tip of my fingers through my shoulder. Soft tissue damage to the hand was so severe, with massive swelling, restricted blood blow, and blackened condition so extreme that the viability of the limb was questionable (i.e., fear of amputation).

    But that was the easiest part. The elbow took the brunt of the injury, with the radial head (critical bone at the central control point of the elbow, necessary for power through the elbow) demolished so badly that they could only remove the bone fragments. They pieced the bones on either side together. After elbow surgery (titanium plate and 12 screws) then 5-1/2 months of rehab on fingers, hand, wrist and elbow, I had the shoulder surgery for an extremely shredded rotator cuff tendon and bone damage.

    The expectation was that I would probably have a crimped, useless hand, and that the nerve and other damage through the elbow was so extreme that there would be little if any strength in the arm. Further, the shoulder damage was such that ever lifting anything over a few pounds or over my head would be impossible – EVER!

    From the beginning of the accident (through ER), I used the Q1000 laser on the elbow. But I used the DOVE on the opposite arm, to remind the brain of what SHOULD be the condition (hence, not to accept the damaged state). It stuck at key points on the opposite arm, and I let it dose. I stroked the hand (up to the splint) and above the splint with the DOVE.

    3 weeks later, when the surgeon inspected the arm prior to hard cast, speechless, he went back and forth between arm and new xrays. This was the worst elbow he had ever seen, and he had never failed to cast an arm at this stage…until he exclaimed: “I can’t put that arm in a cast!” The healing was too advanced.

    That meant I had access to the arm and elbow for more direct SCENAR (after first doing the other arm/ healthy mirror image). Skin tears outside the elbow had been so great that at the time of the original surgery, he said I would need a skin graft. But at 3 weeks, the beautiful pink skin said NO! It’s healed without a hint of a scar. The shoulder got equal treatment.

    Now? After 13 months of rehab on hand, elbow, shoulder… and an amazed physical therapist… my surgeon exclaims repeatedly, “It was horrible, it was really horrible!” He cannot understand how I “escaped 95% of the permanent disability [I] should have had!” But I do. I just love confounding the medical establishment with laser and SCENAR “miracles!”

    As I write this, it’s November and I’m on a “secluded work week” with ocean waves roaring… Beautiful, especially when you haven’t had vacation time in eons and are over-tired (obviously stressing the immune system). So a walk on the beach in mild weather was too enticing… until it started to drizzle, and the ocean breezes turned chill.

    Result? The unmistakable sore throat, sinus drainage, head stuffiness… the onset of familiar misery. But I never go ANYWHERE without my DOVE and laser. I put the laser in mode 7 above and below my heart, plus other usual places. But center stage was the DOVE. I used it on each side of the face, above the ear until dose, below the ear until dose, across the jaw then center jaw until dose… then stroking down the neck, then stroking across the chest toward the armpit, seeking to drain the lymph. I also did the 6 points on the face (waiting for SOME to dose), then repeated a session over the sinuses until dose (each side).

    I love this miracle machine, but still I never imagined it could WIPE OUT the unmistakable onset of a very real cold over night! During the night I had one bad cough time, getting rid of the accumulation, and my through was really raw. I repeated my SCENAR routine until I dozed off. The next morning I was normal! This is day 2, and I’m productive and enjoying the get-away. Lovely walk on the beach today 🙂

    Margaret Hampton
    [email protected]

  49. George Turpin

    For me my experience with my 715ag cosmodic has been more so a lot of smaller stories than big miracles of dramatic cures.

    This is due to how I have used the device, having not had the need to treat major problems or perhaps to some degree I didn’t feel comfortable branching out because of my lack of training in applying the device. For this reason I am excited about the book as a means to broaden my abilities in treating a greater range of disease and dysfunction.

    The cosmodic always has a positive effect and its hard to pick one particular treatment, so I will report my latest result.

    A friend with severe pain in the neck shoulder from injury 6 years old, so chronic, agreed to receive a treatment. After just a few minutes she reported to lose pain sensation and visible relaxation was apparent. Treated her for about 30 minutes, she left feeling relieved. One week later I gave a second treatment which she totally enjoyed, reporting that the following day she felt the improvement had continued throughout the night and she didn’t feel the need for more at that point.It was apparent that she was more relaxed and at ease,as well as very grateful for the experience.

    George Turpin
    [email protected]

  50. Corinne Brown

    I am the one in our family that uses the scenar the most and I usually use it fairly regularly. I often have a lot of lower back pain. When I use the scenar I am often able to alleviate a lot of the pain. Sometimes I will simply stick it in the waistband of my pants and let the pressure keep it working as I go about my usual business. As a practicing massage practitioner, I also apply it to acupressure points and it is effective at releasing energy.

    Corinne Brown
    [email protected]

  51. Fay Whittaker


    Last year my dance partner tore his achilles tendon. The bruising and pain was evidence. He is a physicist and poo-poos my energy work. He loves to dance, though, so was willing to ‘submit’ himself for treatment. After 20 min. he was able to stand on his foot without pain. We did three treatments and he was back dancing.

    On the third treatment when I was working on his calf area he says, ‘OK, now I’m convinced. I didn’t tell you this before but each time you worked on my leg I could feel it tingle here and he pointed to a spot in his abdomen! Three times the charm!


    I met a lady in my daughter’s doctor’s office who was coming out to the common desk after seeing a different doctor. I heard her say to the doctor, “But what about my foot?” and the doctor just shrugged his shoulders, offering no suggestions. I stopped this woman in the waiting area and told her I might be able to help her. We talked outside the area and she asked what I would do. That night she looked up SCENAR on the internet and proceeded to come and see me the next day. She had immediate relief and came for two more treatments. She had been limping around for 2 and a half months and was booked for a bone scan in two weeks. She later called me to say the bone scan revealed a compression fracture! She was so very grateful that the SCENAR had put her back on her feet so quickly.

    Fay Whittaker
    [email protected]

  52. Valerie Schmidt


    My son came over and had the common cold with the tickling cough coughing every minute. I got my SCENAR out and did “Pirogov’s ring” and within minutes literally by the end of the treatment the cough was gone. Completely gone! We both were greatly impressed.


    My son rushed over to my home because he had a stabbing pain in his left lung. His breathing was very shallow and the pain severe. I used the SCENAR on the front of his chest with some relief. The pain was still there but his breathing opened up a little. Then I used the SCENAR on his back. The pain subsided and he was able to breathe again. He left my home with a smile on his face able to breathe pain free.

    Valerie Schmidt
    [email protected]

  53. Cheryl Carter


    I have had migraines since I was 19 years old (I’m now 63). Imitirex had not been invented at that time and I had to miss many work days due to the severe pain from my migraines. I once had a migraine which lasted for an entire month! I eventually heard about Imitrex after it was invented and it worked very well for me until I could no longer get it from friends because I moved, or obtain it online because I got a letter from the government saying it was “dangerous” and I could be “arrested” for ordering it, (which, I think is ridiculous, but I won’t go there), at which time I began my quest to find an alternative method of pain relief for my migraines.

    I tried using a cold cloth dipped in ice water on my head for awhile, but knew there just HAD to be something better out there. Excedrin Migraine was useless. I began an online search and first came across info on the Rife Machine. On one of the RIFE blogs, a guy wrote, “The RIFE is OK, but if I had the money, I would get a SCENAR AG Modific.” I was then led to Dr. Irina’s website and began reading about the SCENAR. After reading a lot of info as well as testimonials and then debating with myself about things like, would I just be wasting my money if it didn’t work, I finally decided to give it a try.

    Well, all I can say is WOW! It’s truly amazing! If you have migraines, I HIGHLY recommend the SCENAR with the 2-button attachment, (sorry, I don’t know the proper name for this attachment, but I’m sure Dr. Irina can help out there). This attachment sends waves of pain killing ecstasy up into your head and overpowers the pain of the migraine until it eventually just goes away. If I use the SCENAR when I first feel a migraine coming on, I can usually knock it out in about a 1/2 hour to 45 minutes. Considering I can have migraines for days at a time, this is a God send.

    As for the price, how much is relief of severe pain worth to you? To me, it is WELL WORTH the price! You will not regret buying it. My original story was longer, but since I only had 500 characters, I couldn’t tell the whole story, but suffice it to say – I just can’t live without my fantastic SCENAR!


    The most surprising story happened to my son, not me. He has bulging disks in his back and, consequently, easily throws his back out. About 3 months ago, he threw his back out really bad to the point where he couldn’t even stand up. He was in bed for 3 days and couldn’t go to work. For some unknown reason, it just didn’t occur to him to use his SCENAR, (maybe the pain was so bad, his mind just didn’t go there – who knows?). Well, it finally dawned on him to try his SCENAR. He thought, “It can’t hurt.” (Oh ye of little faith). He put the SCENAR behind his back and just laid on it all day long.

    He finally tried to get out of bed so he could go to the kitchen to get something to eat. He said when he got out of bed, he was able to stand up totally straight for the first time in 3 days. He was in utter shock! He couldn’t believe it after being in bed for 3 days practically unable to move at all. I was then told, “You know, I think there is something to this thing.” Kids, they just don’t listen (ha ha). I tried to tell him how good the SCENAR was. He was able to go to work the next day as well. Too bad he didn’t use his SCENAR on the FIRST day and save himself all that pain and inconvenience.

    Cheryl Carter
    [email protected]

  54. My name is Esther Shelley, and I am a Certified Pain Management Specialist/Scenar Therapist, Holistic Allergist and Doctor of Acupuncture in Ontario, Canada. I have the Ritm 97.4 Expert model with various
    attachments, and the Q1000 laser. I am planning on buying a Dove. As a Pain Management Specialist I use energetic devices inclusive of the above and EAV/CEDS with laser attachments. We scan out-of-balance musculature and balance them with frequencies, then apply Scenar to balance autonomic nervous system correlation between the 2 body systems.


    My favourite Scenar Story involves a female patient who had been involved in 4 car accidents within a 6 month time period…one of those crazy incidents where you get rear-ended at stop lights 4 times in a row! Her neck and back were a mess. She had regular appointments with chiropractors and massage
    therapists and now, 4 years later, her chiropractor referred her to my office. Her regular pain level was 8/10, peaking to 12/10. She is a teacher, so leaning over a desk to check on a student’s work was an agony for her. Complicating the issue was a nausea complaint that occurred within 10 minutes of any meal, so food sensitivities/intolerances were also an issue. Via CEDS screening we determined that oils, nuts & fatty acids were involved so laser clearing was part of our protocol and her nausea is now
    also gone–but that’s the end of the story, so let’s start at the beginning.

    With regards to her pain issues, we began seeing her twice a week. Her first appt achieved perfect pain resolution for a day and a half…nothing via chiropractic, massage, or medication had Ever accomplished that for her, so she was not discouraged by a return of the pain. Her goal was to get to a 4/10 pain level…she said she could live with that. MY goal was to get her to a 1/10–she may have damage from the accidents that Scenar can’t repair. Essentially we saw her twice a week for 3 weeks, then she rented a home unit to work on herself directly when the pain pattern presented itself. I am a dedicated practitioner and will work on the weekend for pain issues, but I won’t see her at 3 am. So she rented a Scenar.

    Her pain level at this point was peaking at 4-5/10, and she had islands of time where she was fine. We regularly did the 3 pathways, 6 face points, and then followed the numbers. We also did POP work painting N/S/E/W to find stickiness/redness. We used electrode attachments, so at times she had the scenar electrode, an attachment, a second device that she used on her front abdominal area, and the laser going all at the same time. I had to be an octopus! ; )

    The fascinating thing was how the nausea and the back pain were intertwined.
    There were times when we got no where with the pain at all–couldn’t touch it–until we put a second device on the intestinal pain area…and the back pain let go. It was like the body decided, you can help me, so help ALL of me. I have found this happening in my other modalities as well. The body appears to recognize that it can be helped, and won’t allow only a partial resolution of the problem. The other interesting facet to Scenar work is how the pain travels. There were times where the pain would express in an area she had no previous issues with. From a practitioner standpoint, however, it made sense that through compensating behaviour patterns, she had overused other muscles to prevent straining the traumatized area, so those areas were saying, Me, too! Me, too!

    Over all, we followed that pattern of 2 visit/wk for 3 weeks, followed by one week rental for 2 repetitions, then went to once a week, with one week rental. During this time she LOST the scenar and had to buy me another one! It took us a total of 2.5 months with her, then we saw her one month later
    for a followup, and other than supplement purchases, she has needed no ‘touchups’. We put her on BAC F2 to help with nutritional support. We were asking the body to heal a lot of tissue, and wanted to ensure that the building blocks to obey our request were available.

    Towards the end of our work, she mentioned 2 things that I thought deserved to be included in this story:

    1. Her school children noticed the change in her. One day a child dropped a plant and made a mess in class–soil and shards everywhere. The kids asked her, Ms. ______, aren’t you going to yell? Apparently her lowered pain level changed her ability to control her emotions, and they noticed the difference!

    2. Her sister mentioned that she wasn’t as touchy as she used to be. Her mood tended to be very short, but no one said anything to her about it since there wasn’t much they could expect her to do about it. Her sister is a nurse. : ) I like it when medical people see how Scenar helps the body
    change its adaptive patterns.

    All in all, this particular woman was a model patient as she let me use all the best I have to offer…food sensitivity clearing via laser, nutritional support and pain management. Very satisfying for a practitioner, as some patients will say, I’ll let you do this, but not that. I have learned to allow the body to lead, even if I don’t logically understand the why’s and wherefore’s. This story happened 1.5 years ago, and she is still fine as of our last contact 2 months ago. Today’s date: Nov. 30, 2010 Her current pain level is 0/10,occasionally peaking at 2/10. The overall treatment sessions took 2.5 months with one last followup a month later. I don’t know about you, but I call that a SCENAR SUCCESS STORY!



    I don’t know if you would call this a surprising story as I wasn’t surprised: I know the power of Scenar. The surprising thing would be the fact that a medical prognosis was shown to be off. A 60+ yo allergy patient called to ask what I could do for pain. He had woken a few days ago in such pain he couldn’t get out of bed. His wife called 911 and he was taken to emerg. After 3 days of tests, they diagnosed him with PMR: Polymayalgia Rheumatica. Since I am not a medical doctor, I had to look that up online.
    From the description, it sounded like he had ‘arthritis’ in his ‘muscles’!!

    They wanted him on meds both for pain and anti-inflammatory purposes, and said it would work its way out of his system in about 3 years. Well, he was self-employed and couldn’t afford to be out of work that long! Hmm, no surprise there! Maybe this story doesn’t fit the surprising category after all!

    Scenar to the rescue: I saw him every day first thing in the morning. It was June so it was nice a warm in Ontario. His wife helped him dress (shorts) and I watched him gingerly get out of the vehicle every morning at 9am. We’d get him moving for the day so that he could go to work work managing his crews as a roofing contractor. At first we got his pain down to 4-6/10… manageable. He rented the home unit after 3 weeks (that is my usual pattern of treatment)–3 weeks with me, then a week at home if more Tx
    time is needed. It took us 6 weeks to get him to a 75% resolution of his pain, and he was content with that. We could have continued, but that’s where he was content. Men tend to like pain as it makes them feel macho.

    This happened 5 years ago, and I get occasional reports from his daughter who has been a patient, too. He’s fine.

    The surprising part of this story is only in relation to the fact that it didn’t take 3 years to ‘work its way out of his system’. The only surprised people would be the medical community and I’m totally ok with surprising them. : )



    This story is a little silly, but you asked! I was doing little wings on my son, who was having arm/shoulder pain after Tai Kwondo, and my husband was watching us as my son’s shoulder jerked to his ear and back down again. He said, can you make him slap himself in the face? Silly, but it’s now one of
    our family quotes: Let’s see if I can make you slap yourself in the face or Get mom to make you slap yourself. It’ll make you feel better!

    Esther Shelley
    Holistic Allergist
    Certified Pain Management Specialist
    Doctor of Acupuncture Candidate

    Open Windows 2 Wellness
    Allergy & Pain Management Centre

  55. My friend called and was very ill with stomach flu. She had been throwing up and felt sick all over. She was crying. She rarely gets sick and really does not know how to do it gracefully. She called me for sympathy, not knowing that I could stop her flu. I told her I would come right over. She said, “No, don’t come over. I don’t want you to catch the flu.” I told her I was not afraid of catching the flu and that I would be right over.

    I went to her house and we began by painting her belly with the 97.4+ Scenar. She felt some better as the procedure unfolded. After completing the painting she noted that she no longer felt nauseated. Her headache was also diminishing. I then went back to work at my office.

    Within 30 minutes after my departure she called and said that she was completely back to normal without nausea, vomiting, headache or achy all over.


    Dr. Marie Green (DSW/LCSW/Biofeedback Specialist/Pain Mgmt Specialist)
    [email protected]
    Ogden, Utah

  56. Martha has heavy metal poisoning and was put on Social Security Disability due to the severity of her condition. She has pain everywhere in her body. Lots of nerve pain, depression, anxiety and headaches along with peripheral neuropathy pain.

    She has tried everything to get relief and is currently attending a pain clinic where she is given pain medications, antidepressants, anti-anxiety medications and drugs for sleep. She often comes in after days of a headache that she cannot stop with meds.

    I had asked for specifics from my neurofeedback mentor about the applications of frequencies to the head. Neurotherapists apply frequencies to the head as part of the their practice. I did not understand why the LET Medical people would recommend against this. THe mentor cautioned about being careful around the motor areas at the base of the brain.

    I proceeded to ask Martha to point with one finger to where her head hurts. She points to the temporal areas on both sides. I apply the C-Dove and wait for it to dose on the left temple. Then I do the same thing on the right. It takes about six minutes altogether and her headache at the temples is gone. She has some pain in the back part of her head where the neck connects to the head. Her muscles were very hard and tight in a spasm. I applied the C-Dove to each side of the neck at the base of the skull and then down the neck.

    Martha reports that her neck pain and headache often come from her shoulders. We worked on her shoulders starting with her upper spine dosing the areas of t1 down to about T 7-8. This all brought her more and more relief. Her headache disappeared and her neck and shoulders were relieved of the spasms. She was delighted.

    Dr. Marie Green (DSW/LCSW/Biofeedback Specialist/Pain Mgmt Specialist)
    [email protected]
    http://www.GreenTherapyCounseling.com (website is not up yet but will be by the time you get these stories compiled.)
    Ogden, Utah

  57. The Healing power of Dr. Irina and the scenars

    Several years ago I came to see Dr. Irina in a last attempt to save my hip from the osteo arthritis that had set in after a serious fall .
    At that point I could only walk a short distance before the pain was unbearable .
    My spine was also in bad shape and Dr Irina worked diligently with the scenars on my hip and back at every visit .
    I did require the hip replacement surgery but my spine is now in the best shape it has been for many years .
    I am now able to run and walk pain free like I did 15 years ago !

    Thies Bogner
    Welland , Ontario , Canada .
    [email protected]

  58. Hi Dr Irina
    I have several clients who improves a lot in using my Scenar Professional including my husband, who is 76 years old. He suffer chronic back pain, aneurysm, ashma and scoliosis. I always use Scenar everytime he complained about back pain, due to his posture. So, I apply the pirigov ring first then followed by spinal pathways and dosing then Point of pain. Then, the following 3 days, I apply the brushing technique higher up and the lower part of the body which is the pelvic area, I’ve notice the difference since I use the Scenar to him. His cough is not dry, and he spit the plegm which he was’nt able to do before. He has more energy now since his been using the “Energy Blanket”. I used Scenar to myself and it does help me with my day to day work. Thank you Scenar, This helps relieve pain and stress to all my clients.

  59. Dr. Don Snow

    I have many stories and experiences with SCENAR. First, I use 2 705 models and the AG 735 Modific. I must also tell you that I ALWAYS combine SCENAR with acupuncture and get stellar results with 90%+ of my patients.

    My first story concerns neuropathies and neuralgias. I have treated over 300 cases and have a 90+% permanent success rate with neuropathies. The following are the types of neuropathies that I see the most and the effects of treatment on that type of neuropathy:

    1. Diabetic Neuropathy: 98% permanent success rate after 9 to 15 treatments starting with 2 to 3 treatments per week and weaning the patient of treatments. All patients required to come every four months for tune-up after correction reached.

    2. Neuropathy from Chemotherapy: This is the most resistant to treatment and only 50% respond at all; and of these none have gotten 100% relief/or feeling back. However, IF they respond you can expect 80 to 90% permanent relief.

    3. Neuropathy from Heavy Metal Exposure: About the same as Chemotherapy.

    4. Neuropathy from Agent Orange Exposure: 95% plus permanent success.

    It must also be noted that I have never gotten these kinds of results with acupuncture alone, nor with SCENAR alone. I apply acupuncture using a Pachi-pachi e’stim device first, and then apply SCENAR. I have found that pachi-pachi acts as a VERY strong SCENAR frequency and causes the body to respond, then SCENAR/Cosmodic can then find asymatries to treat. So SCENAR is the finishing tool.

    On my next visit I will discuss SCENAR and arthritis. I have about an 80%+ success rate with this.

    I am sincerely,

    Dr. Don

  60. I was very toxic with mercury at one point in my life and consequently my nervous system was in “sympathetic over-drive”. That means my adrenal glands were working overtime….around the clock. Following removal of my dental amalgums, I used my Acu-scen scenar as well as the DOVE and LET Medical’s 715 and EX 735 Ag to rehabilitate my nervous system. There is no question that I was able to generate “parasympatetic dominance” using my scenar in the relevant areas on my body. I got the responses I needs at the very time I used the scenar….I could observe calming of my nervous system while I was using the scenars. Over time, my nervous system regained parasympathetic dominance (calm). Being able to “pull down” or “slow down” my nervous system any time I needed to just by using my scenar was a HUGE encouragement and empowerment for me. It made me feel much less vulnerable. I could help myself! I am very grateful for the presence of scenars in my life.

  61. I own an EX 735 Ag. For two days my 93 year old father experienced partial loss of his ability to speak following hospitalization for a different, unrelated reason. AFter about every five sentences easily spoken, he could not formulate words with his mouth for the following sentence. He also had significant difficulty swallowing during the same two days. I remembered that I could use my scenar on the back of his neck to “access” the nerves in the brain. I put the scenar across the middle of his neck/the spine about the levels of C3-C5. I held it there for about 45 minutes. During this time I used soft laser on Broca’s speech area of the skull as well as along the saggital suture line and at the occiput. I used Modes 2, 3 and 5 on the soft laser for about 15 minutes total. About an hour following finishing with the scenar, his speech and swallowing improved simultaneously. His speech and swallowing dysfunction did not regress. It is two weeks since the speech and swallowing problem. I used the scenar and soft laser a second time on the day following the improvement in the same area: I repeated what I had done initially yet for only about 30 minutes total. It was a most welcome phenomenon that the issues were so quickly resolved. It is wonderful to have tools for neurological issues right at home!

    Practitioner: Christine Horner, ECNP, MRNT, Kenilworth, Warwickshire, England, CV8 1DP. Tel: 01926 854783
    Medical diagnosis: “Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy”
    The patient had broken her right wrist in January 2000. It was set in plaster for six weeks; following removal of the plaster she suffered with pain, stiffness, swelling to the wrist and clammy and shiny skin to the hand. She was prescribed Brufen (non-steroid anti-inflammatory drug) which caused an asthma attack, necessitating emergency hospital treatment. Subsequently she was prescribed Co-dydramol (analgesic) which caused a feeling of being unwell, constipation and cramp in her left side, so she discontinued them.

    Abnormal hair had gradually appeared, growing long, thick and black (like animal hair) and covering the elbow to fingertips on her right arm only. She was very scared about this and wore very long sleeves to hide her arm. The hospital consultant was proposing “nerve block treatment” by injection for this problem.

    The patient’s medical history included osteoarthritis in both hips, low blood pressure, shortness of breath, chronic catarrh, polyps in both nostrils, fibroids, hair falling and exhaustion. She had 8 children and had moved house 8 times in 26 years. She had already been following my advice regarding diet and nutritional therapy for approximately three years. This was continued and additional treatment with SCENAR offered. Due to financial restrictions, sessions were timed at monthly intervals.

    *Each session included 20 minutes wrapped in the Therapeutic Multilayer Blanket TMB-01.

    Session 1*: April 2000, Higher Technique on 3 pathways, 6 points. She immediately found the right hand less painful and could lean on it to push herself up off the couch.
    Session 2*: Horizontal Technique used on hands, following which the hand was less swollen, but still clammy, red and blue in colour.
    Session 3*: Collar Zone. There was now no pain and increased flexibility. The patient cancelled the proposed “nerve block treatment” at the hospital.
    Session 4*: Higher technique plus “painting” over back. She was now able to use her right hand all the time although it was still stiff. Both hands were now sweaty and both thumbs were painful. She had waves of tiredness and had developed head lice, although her hair was no longer falling out.
    Session 5*: Horizontal Technique to arms. The head lice disappeared. Her back had been very itchy but that had cleared. The right forearm and hand were still dark in colour and the right hand swollen and stiff.
    Session 6*: her fingers had improved. The hair on her arm and hand had returned to their normal colour and texture, and her head hair was thickening up well.

    Despite suggestions that she continue for further treatment, the patient had to decline on financial grounds. She was very pleased, having enjoyed the visits and the treatments, and felt like a new woman! Ref: Mrs. P.N., Birmingham, England, August 2000

  63. Marie Green

    Story: Wrestless Legs Healed with Scenar/Cosmodic

    Sharon was diagnosed with a Parkinson’s like condition at age 23 years. She is now 50 years old and continues with tremors and other symptoms. Recently she has suffered from restless leg syndrome. Her physician put her on Requip but it was too expensive for her. She was having many sleepless nights and so he then put her on benzodiazapines or Xanax. When I learned of this I told her about the high addiction rate and the gross difficulties associated with this drug. She went off from it and did have some difficulty with withdrawal.

    Shortly after this I was reading a scenar therapist’s posts and it was suggested that dosing the top and bottom of the spine would stop restless legs. So we did that with Sharon. At first the restless legs continued about every 2 minutes. So, we dosed the top and bottom of the spine again and the restlessness slowed to once every 5 minutes. Then we dosed again and the restlessness slowed to once every 10 minutes. One last time we dosed the top and bottom of the spine and the restless legs stopped.

    The stopped restless legs lasted for approximately one month. We repeated the process again and the restlessness stopped again. Another month passed and we repeated the process. This time the restlessness was more difficult to overcome and so we added a product that includes L-Arginine. The combination has worked very well. No drugs. No benzos. She is sleeping better and is grateful for that. We have used the 735 or C-Dove for this treatment.

    Dr Marie Green (DSW/LCSW/Biofeedback Specialist/Pain Mgmt Specialist)

  64. Marie Green

    Story: Glaucoma Healed with C-Dove
    Dr Marie Green (DSW/LCSW/Biofeedback Specialist/Pain Mgmt Specialist)

    A client I will call Glenna had been diagnosed with gluacoma by two different eye doctors in Sedona, Arizona. Four years later she came
    to our center with some issues regarding brain problems associated
    with a stroke. At 65 years of age she was not happy with difficulties the stroke left her with. We began simply working with some neurofeedback
    to help her improve balance and coherence in the brain.

    One day she came in and we had been using the pRoshi to improve brain coherence. Due to a headache we added a treatment around the eyes for sequelae related to the stroke. Dr Irina had stated that the treatment around the eyes was to be around the orbits. So the C-Dove was used in a radial pattern around the orbits of the eyes like around 3 0’clock, 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock and twelve. Each of these sites were “dosed” with the C-Dove. This treatment occurred with both eyes but only once.

    Subsequently Glenna was seen by an eye doctor who could find no evidence of glaucoma. She was shocked and reported this. It has now been one year and she has had her eyes re-check and there is still no evidence of glaucoma.
    While there were confounding variables of the pROshi and the C-Dove we believe that the combination was a key factor. The pRoshi brings up the perfusion and that helped they eye to balance the blood flow and enhance it while the C-Dove recalibrated the frequencies in the eye and restored normalcy.

    Dr Marie Green (DSW/LCSW/Biofeedback Specialist/Pain Mgmt Specialist)

  65. I’m sure Irina doesn’t get much positive feedback from scenar users. Yeah, right. If you can find room in what is probably already a bulging file, I would like to add this letter about my experience with my new scenar.Dove.

    Two days ago my husband Paul lifted a very heavy tire onto a piece of his machinery and when he tried to stand up afterward, he couldn’t. He had badly wrenched his back. When he finally got to his feet, painfully he crossed the driveway, knuckles dragging, to get into the house. First aid was an ice pack. Second aid was my scenar. I am still picking my way along with it, not really full of confidence with it yet, especially after watching Irina’s DVD where she goes zippety-do over somebody’s body and immediately gets to the right spot. I don’t yet have the “feel” for the sticky spot and I’ve been concentrating on trying to find it. At any rate, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to sharpen my scenar skills. After all, I’m not going to lose a client by fumbling around. Furthermore, we had to do something fast because in 2 days Paul was supposed to drive to our son’s house 600 miles away, 9 hours of sitting in a car.

    So, I helped him onto the massage table and began going over his back with the scenar, concentrating on where he said the pain was, which seemed like the sacro-iliac joint (I’ve had my own problems with that). I didn’t get much feedback from the scenar, just a chirp or two, and when I held it on the spot, a few lights showed up but that’s all. And I never did feel the sticky spot. That was disappointing and that night when I put him to bed we were beginning to talk about possibly cancelling the trip.

    Next morning I woke him up, expecting a bleary-eyed tale of a miserable night of pain when turning over in bed. Instead, he said he felt pretty good, slept fine and had no pain turning over. Even though I’d had meager results the day before, I figured the scenar had changed SOMETHING because backs just don’t heal that fast. He got on the table again (no help needed) and this time I decided to expand my search beyond the sacro-iliac area and to quit obsessing over sticky spots. When I got lower on the buttock, the scenar sprang into life and this time I also decided to hold it longer on the chirps. When I just waited patiently for all the lights to go on, which took a while, I got dose after satisfying dose. So, I learned a couple of things from that experience: I had assumed it was the sacro-iliac but Paul’s body knew otherwise and the scenar took me there. I also learned that I shouldn’t rush things; that I needed to wait patiently for the dose, and finally I decided I am not Irina with her sticky spots and I will just have to wait until I gather the experience and intuition she has to find them.

    This morning Paul is almost completely well, just some lingering achiness, which is to be expected, and is ready to hit the road. Bravo for the scenar. More than ever I believe every household should have one, and I’m already setting my sights on a cosmodic down the road. Hope you will be there to guide me when the time comes. Best wishes, Nancy Madar.

  66. I am a Registered Nurse working in Aged Care and also work as a Natural Therapies Practitioner practicing several different modalities. I have a Cosmodic, Dove and AcuScen. My training in Scenar has been from Dr Irina’s interesting and informative DVDs. I am very impressed with the scenar and its results.
    I sustained a very painful burn to my finger. I applied the Dove and the next day there was no trace of the burn.
    My son Paul works on building sites and has various old work and sporting injuries. He often requests scenar treatments in the evening for various aches and pains in his back, shoulders and hip. He was using it intermittently for a 2 year old ankle injury. After severely spraining his ankle 2 years ago he was off work for several months and was left with a stiff painful still swollen ankle. He would often treat the ankle himself with the Dove. He came to me one night and said, “Look my ankle is now freed up I can move it!” With the release came further pain as he moved it but a few more treatments with the device and the pain was gone.
    I use it with the family for the onset of colds and sore throats and find quick recovery. Also noticing cuts heal quickly with the application of the Scenar.
    My first scenar client was A who presented with pain in his upper arm, which he stated had been present for 30 years. His right hand was clawed; he was unable to make a fist. He could use a spade and a golf club but was unable to perform fine motor skills – lift a cup or do up buttons. Following the first treatment the pain was relieved and he managed to form his fingers into a fist. At the second treatment he reported he was getting more function back in his hand. After the third treatment he was able to lift a cup and do up his buttons. He had a total of 6 treatments and there has been no relapse.
    T a 78 year old man with diabetic peripheral neuropathy was having trouble walking due to numbness in his feet. He was having burning pain in the feet at night. Treatments with the Dove he said he could feel life coming back into his feet. The circulation has improved in his feet, reduced swelling and numbness and eliminated the nocturnal burning pain. He also had a deep ulcer on his foot I used the Dove around the wound and it healed within 2 months, which is very good for a man with such poor circulation. He is now walking increasing distances. He purchased his own device and uses it himself on his hands, and points on the face. I attend to treatments of his feet, legs and knees. T was previously having severe problems with his eyesight, the specialist told him there is nothing he could do and his eyesight would continue to deteriorate. He went to another specialist for another opinion. This one told him he would try to help him but couldn’t promise him anything and prescribed antioxidants. On his next appointment the specialist was amazed at the improvement. We credit it to a combination of the antioxidants and him using the Dove on his face around the eyes and me using it on the reflexology points on his feet.
    D, a 45 year old shopfitter had constant excruciating pain on the top of his shoulder. The constant pain caused him difficulties with his work including decreased range of movement and the severe pain prevented him sleeping at night. He had consulted with 5 doctors and specialists. X-rays and ultrasounds showed a small gap but the doctors were unable to suggest anything to help. His wife phoned me and arranged an appointment. After the first treatment he felt some relief. Following the second and third treatments the pain became worse than excruciating. I said that’s good it means it is doing something! He let me continue and following each treatment after that the pain was lessened. After 12 treatments the pain was gone, he has restored function in the shoulder and is now sleeping at night. One year later it has not come back.
    P, a very obese lady had been medically diagnosed with fibromyalgia and carpel tunnel syndrome. She presented with severe pain in her arms, wrists, hands, knees and back and neck. The pain kept her awake at night and she was unable to use the computer keyboard due to the excruciating pain. Treating the back of her neck with the device resulted in greatly reduced pain in her wrists and hands lessening after each treatment and she was able to use the computer again. Using the Dove on her knees has helped the pain and with encouragement and practical support she is now losing weight. She said thank you so much, you have changed my life! She has purchased her own device for ongoing relief. She is finding it invaluable and refers other pain sufferers for treatments.
    R a 75 year old gentleman was 2 weeks away from surgery booked for carpel tunnel syndrome. Pam told him, go to Chris and have treatments with her magic healing device and you won’t need the surgery. He presented with both hands very swollen, severe wrist pain and was unable to close his fingers into a fist. I started with the back of the neck and after 5 minutes he said look at this and was able to close one hand into a fist and he said it wasn’t hurting. He flew back to Wellington New Zealand and I referred him to a scenar therapist in Wellington for further treatments and to purchase his own device when he is ready.
    I have treated several people with carpel tunnel syndrome now and it is always focusing treatment on the back of the neck that helps. Then follow with the scenar on the wrists, hands and arms for further relief.
    My friend Ruth has Bell’s Palsy, she could feel the feeling coming back into her face when I used the scenar over the affected areas and on the distal acupuncture points of the hands and feet.
    C has severe tinnitus and after intermittent treatments with the scenar in front of and behind the ear she has no ringing in the ears for 24 hours each time.
    A, an elderly lady presented with a painful frozen shoulder and osteoporosis – severe degenerative changes causing a very painful hip. With 3 times a week treatments for 3 weeks an increased range of movement was noted in the shoulder and the pain was eliminated. Using the scenar on the back of the neck and using Pirogov’s ring technique decreased her anxiety, leaving her feeling calmer and reduced her depression.
    J, a frail elderly man had medically diagnosed septic arthritis to his middle toe. It was excruciatingly painful, floppy and had a sinus draining pus. His doctor was about to refer him to a vascular surgeon with a view to amputation. The nurse attending the Doctors round asked him to give me a chance with the scenar. After 2 treatments J noticed a dramatic reduction in pain and after 3 treatments the purulent drainage stopped and the sinus closed up. After 2 weeks and 6 treatments the toe was no longer floppy but firm with normal action of the toe joint.
    D, a 78 year old man with prostate cancer and degenerative changes in his lower spine suffers excruciating pain only partly relieved with morphine patches. He does not take oral medications due to a sensitive stomach. When I am on duty I give him 5 minutes with the scenar on his lower back. He said he is so happy when he sees me as he know he will get some relief.
    M, a 92 year old lady with a chronic large leg ulcer of 15 years duration I used the AcuScen around the wound with a noticeable increase of granular tissue.
    P, an elderly lady with degenerative changes in her knee, had been told by 3 specialists she would need a knee replacement. Her husband, a 95 year old retired Doctor called me and asked if I could help. 3 treatments a week for 5 weeks resulted in reduction in swelling, considerable reduction in pain and much improved mobility. In fact after the second treatment the Doctor said to his wife look at you, running like a gazelle!
    My friend Beth called me to say her 2 year old son had fallen and had a painful swelling near his shoulder and could I come and see him. I advised her to take him for an x-ray but she did not want him to be exposed to x-rays. So I applied the device to the swelling 3 days in a row. It appeared to help the pain somewhat but he was still guarding his arm. Her husband finally convinced her to take him for an X-ray. After reviewing the results of the x-ray showing a fracture of the collarbone the doctor did not believe it was only 5 days since the injury occurred and she was questioned as they suspected she was making up stories… This confirmed to me the claims that the scenar speeds up the healing of fractures.
    I use the scenar on a lady with multiple sclerosis. She feels life coming back into her feet and says it is the only way to help the pain.
    Chris Roberts RN
    Gold Coast, Australia Telephone 61 7 5598 2948

  67. Hi Dr Irina,

    We own a 715 cosmodic, a DOVE and a C-Dove and various attachments. We are really impressed at how well they work especially compared to the first generation of scenars which were complex and often very irritating to the skin. Below I will include some experiences with your equipment:

    1) I personally experienced what I felt was an outbreak of a herpes virus on my backside about every 6-10 months for a few years in the same exact location. It would start out like a small itchy spot and turn into a full blown boil within about a week. It would usually take about 2 weeks to completely heal. It was very painful and uncomfortable. I decided to try the 715 on the spot where it had broken open. I was amazed at how quickly it healed. Within hours I could tell it was drying up and within a couple of days it was completely healed. I’m just sorry I didn’t try it sooner. The boil has never returned and it’s been about 3 years now.
    2) As a high school football player who loved to hit and tackle people I ended up with a temporary paralysis, concussion and amnesia one year. I also should have been paralyzed from diving into the ocean and hitting the ocean floor (fortunately, it was sandy and not rocky) when I was in college at San Jose State. It was one of the most foolish thing I had done as a young person thinking I was invincible. I suffered with pain and muscle spasms for years. We first purchased the Q1000 laser and it helped tremendously, but I still had problems sleeping and driving, it would still tighten up and spasm. We used a Dove with the ‘wings” attachment at one of your seminars, it was instant relief. I purchased one and use it periodically and the spasms have stayed away…..unless I do something VERY strenuous.
    3) I have also used the Dove and the 715 on moles I did not like the looks of. It took a longer period of time to get rid of them but they would begin to change shape, thicken and then dry up! I also used it on a wart and a skin tag. I also had a keloid on my left leg for at least 10-15 years. It was about the size of a quarter and very scaly and rough. The doctor said it was nothing to worry about but I tried the 715 on it and it completely disappeared after a month or two.
    4) We have also used it on various skin conditions and muscle spasms all with good results. Thank you for wanting to spread the word about such ingenious little devices!

    THANK YOU AGAIN, Dr.Irina,

    Pete & Dolores Munzell
    Innovations in Science, Inc
    (805)238-0406 [email protected]
    http://www.letsputanendtocancer.com – “Let’s Put an End to Cancer” book

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