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  1. Elvie Hume

    Thanks you so much for being there and helping me to understand more about my scenar dove machine .it’s the only help me to cure my trigiminal neuralgia

  2. Mary Lambert

    This excellent piece of wisdom is also a fine example of ‘less is more’,
    and therefore the type of advice that will stay in one’s mind.
    Thank you.

  3. Giuseppe Petronella

    Bel Articolo..vorrei tanto comprare lo scenar “dove“ per dei problemi e dolori ma purtroppo non ho disponibilità economica..grazie

  4. Yezid Callejas

    Hi Dr Irina , i bought a Scenar home device with rectal and facial probes and the instructions that came with it did not show how to use the probes .Where can i find that information?Thanks.
    Yezid A Callejas,ND.

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