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  1. Liesma Vasbenter

    This (various forms of energy healing including SCENAR) is not nonsense. A friend recently visited who had broken a leg whilst horse riding – this was a serious fracture which required a titanium implant to secure the bone. The resulting scars from the necessary surgical incision were painful and slow to heal. Overall she was very uncomfortable due to pain and leg swelling. I offered the use of an energy healing device – the QRS PEMF blanket – which she thought she might as well try, since nothing else that she was doing (tablets and leg-rest) seemed of help. By the second day she saw a noticeable improvement in scar healing and the ankle swelling had reduced noticeably. Pain was also lessened and she was able to put weight on the injured leg. By the time she and her friend left to continue their tour of New Zealand she was walking on her injured leg, and the scars had very visibly healed. The line of the incision and stitching was only just visible. She was young and the injury was acute rater than chronic – all factors in favour of a rapid positive result. In all, she had had some 6 – 7 24 minute sessions with the PEMF pillow draped over her leg. So, that is the EM pulse generator. Re the SCENAR device – I own a first generation SCENAR Sport. For painful wrist or joints, as well as foe lymphedema (chronic but I believe curable with the right treatment), this is something that *works* as nothing else does. I am aware that the two devices work somewhat differently from each other but both are in the category of – what I have heard, very positively, described as “Star Trek” medicine. This may seem like science fiction to some, it is however, the new, emerging paradigm.

  2. Brian Lanois

    “Cosmodic.” Have not laughed that much in years!!!! Science fiction at its worst.

    • Den

      I was just wandering a bit, do you personally visit these sites so you can get a good laugh of how unbelievable this technology might be?

      I myself find it much more difficult to at least read more about it before rendering a blatant opinion. Do you know what the best opinions are?

      They are the ones that purchased the device who have the 30 day money back if it doesn’t do all that it claims then that opinion carries a bit of weight thus making the reader find out why that one in one hundred it didn’t work for!

      I can’t understand why people always try to find the easiest route by bashing something they actually know nothing about in the first place. I never really appreciate arm chair quarterbacks who sit on the side lines with their limited understanding. I guess drinking a beer and catching food crumbs and writing cheap innuendoes keeps the fingers in shape anyways!

  3. Ruth Cowan

    You people really don’t think anyone believes this NEW AGE junk? LMAO. What utter, utter, utter nonsense. Wow, talk of snake-oil salesmen!

    • Cat

      As a matter of fact I do since I was healed by this very device. I had seriously injured both arms to the point of being unable to lift them higher than my heart. Thanks to a lady in my doctor’s office offering this treatment I an now able to use my arms quite freely without any pain.

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