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  1. Brian Lanois

    “Cosmodic.” Have not laughed that much in years!!!! Science fiction at its worst.

    • Den

      I was just wandering a bit, do you personally visit these sites so you can get a good laugh of how unbelievable this technology might be?

      I myself find it much more difficult to at least read more about it before rendering a blatant opinion. Do you know what the best opinions are?

      They are the ones that purchased the device who have the 30 day money back if it doesn’t do all that it claims then that opinion carries a bit of weight thus making the reader find out why that one in one hundred it didn’t work for!

      I can’t understand why people always try to find the easiest route by bashing something they actually know nothing about in the first place. I never really appreciate arm chair quarterbacks who sit on the side lines with their limited understanding. I guess drinking a beer and catching food crumbs and writing cheap innuendoes keeps the fingers in shape anyways!

  2. Ruth Cowan

    You people really don’t think anyone believes this NEW AGE junk? LMAO. What utter, utter, utter nonsense. Wow, talk of snake-oil salesmen!

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